When I’m the best version of myself…

April 23, 2016 No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

When I’m the best version of myself, I’m at peace with myself, my progress, and the world around me.

With Myself – I love who I am and who I will be, and I’m at peace with who I was. I embrace my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses. I can be by myself, with only my thoughts, and find joy.

With My Progress – I have one eye on the mountain top, but I enjoy the moment and the journey. I brush off the small stuff along the way. I celebrate my journey without comparison to others as I know we are all on our own journey.

With The World Around Me – I have love for everyone around me regardless of how they choose to see the world. I celebrate everyone’s successes knowing that the journey is more fun with friends. I’m surrounded by a loving supportive community because I know we are better together.