We hit heavy plane turbulence in flight

May 8, 2016 No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

On a flight out of NYC, the plane hit heavy turbulence and bounced around. The guy next to me squeezed his eyes close and dug his nails into the arm rest. A lady in front of me started reciting a bible verse out loud. The couple across from me held hands and kissed each other…as if for the last time.

The chances of a plane crashing from turbulence is basically zero. But yet the common human reaction to it would make one think crashes happen every day. We wind ourselves up into a negative downward spiral of anxiety and fear. It’s interesting that something with such a tiny chance of happening can cause so much internal strife.

Makes me wonder how many other moments in my life do I allow the anxiety of something infinitely impossible to negatively hijack the moment and take over my brain and body?