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22 May

People first, then money, then things

“People first, then money, then things.” – Suze Orman Our operatic voices belted throughout the car as we sang along to Johnny Cash. Then we drove along Country Road S and decided to switch over to free style rapping. Towards the end of our three hour road-trip, we even got to practice our falsetto voices […]

21 Feb

Stop Striving for Work-Life Balance and Start Integrating

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At our office, I balance on a Reebok Balance Board while working at my standing desk. One reason for my unique work environment is that the research behind sitting for eight hours a day is dismal and can lead to early death, even if that person works out at some later point in the day. […]

27 May

I Can’t Totally Unplug

Last week, Annie and I vacationed on a small island in Panama called Bocas del Toro. Our hut was so isolated from the main area of the island, that a boat was needed to travel to and from town for food and supplies. Despite our high level of isolation, surprisingly our hut had both full […]

04 Mar

The Value of Walking Time

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Annie works about a mile and a half north from our home here in NYC, which is the perfect distance for a good end of the day walk together. Yesterday, as we were walking home together, I was thinking about the reasons why I like walking with her so much… It gives us both a […]

09 Aug

Putting My Cat To Work [IMAGE]

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28 Oct

Good Night’s Sleep, Good Day’s Work [QUOTE]

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“Would you expect someone to get a good night’s sleep if they were interrupted all night? Then how can you expect someone to get a good day’s work if they are interrupted all day?” – Jason F.

20 Oct

Hindsight – 10/20/10 – Phone Meetings

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Here’s an interesting quirk of mine. Whenever I schedule a phone meeting with someone, I always offer to be the one who calls the other person. Most people tend to want it the other way because they don’t have the responsible to remember to call, they just have to pick up their phone when the […]

15 Oct

World’s Happiest DJ [VIDEO]

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I enjoying collecting stories of people who love what they do. It makes me happy, it makes me love what I do more, and I hope it makes others find the joy out of the work they do. Here’s my latest hero: Apparently the web has taken it upon themselves to create a meme out […]

11 Oct

Hindsight – 10/11/10 – Elevator Etiquette

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The building we work out of has 44 floors with countless number of people going up and down the elevators all day long. To speed efficiency, the elevators are programmed to only stop at certain floors. One set is for the lowest floors, another set is for the middle floors, and the last set is […]

10 Sep

Home Office vs Office Office

For six years I worked from home and thought it was perfect to be able to stroll from the kitchen to "work" with my oatmeal in hand. For the past ten months I've been working, for the first time in my life, out of an office and now I know I'll never go back to […]