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26 Aug

MyView: Alvernia University Dance Floor Theory Training [IMAGE]

They made these shirts specially for the training since they saw me do Dance Floor Theory a year ago at Alvernia.

17 Aug

Speaking Tip/Trick #6 – Minding The CARTS

Speaking Tips No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

If giving a training or keynote were just about you, it would actually be pretty easy, but in reality there are several variables, some out of your control, that go into the overall outcome of a program. Conveniently the five variables spell out CARTS (as pointed out by fellow speaker┬áJon Vroman). CONTENT – What is […]

11 Nov

Hindsight – 11/09/10 – The Ugly 99.99% Rule

After every training I give, a handful of students always come up to ask  a variety of questions around entrepreneurship, education, and technology. I genuinely get excited when students get excited about doing more than just their school work, so I give each person my contact info and tell them to keep me posted on […]

03 Nov

Everyone’s a Teacher and Everyone’s a Student

After my last campus training for SDSM&T a student came up to me and asked a question about entrepreneurship. I’ve been asked the same question a hundred times, so my answer back to him was laser focused and powerful. The student paused, smiled and then said, “Whew, that just gave me chills!” I smiled because […]

24 Oct

SDSM&T Training Slideshow Recap [SLIDESHOW]

24 Sep

Hindsight – 09/24/10 – Room Setup

Today I worked with Howard Community College. It's our third year working with them. Every time I go back I remember the unique environment in which the training happens. It takes place in a large open area with people passing by on all sides. Kinda like a fishbowl without the walls (see image below). My first […]

18 Sep

Hindsight – 09/18/10 – Alvernia University DFT Training

Today I was working with the student leaders at Alvernia University for their first ever leadership retreat. The setup for the training wasn't that great; low turnout, huge room, early morning, and on campus.  As I said before, I've had good and not-so-good trainings and suspected this one was going to be a bit rough. […]

11 Sep

Hindsight 09/11/10 – Attitude

Doing a training in the morning is always tough, doing a training in the morning on a Saturday is even tougher.  That was my set up for 100 student leaders from UMSL this morning.  Dance Floor Theory is a well tested kick ass program, so it has a base line level of success with just […]

19 Aug

Dance Floor Theory Training at U. of Akron [IMAGE]

For four years in a row, Kevin and I have fought over who gets to do the training at U. of Akron because their Emerging Leaders program is one of the best we've ever seen. Whether it's the program or the students in the program, it's always a great time. Glad I got to do […]

18 Aug

Red Rover Training At NMSU [IMAGE]

Last week I spent two days at New Mexico State University training their student leaders and staff on the launch of Red Rover as their new campus directory. Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz (pictured below) from the Student Success office hosted me. Beyond making me feel extremely welcomed by suggesting the best guacamole and salsa in town […]