August 26, 2011

MyView: Alvernia University Dance Floor Theory Training [IMAGE]

They made these shirts specially for the training since they saw me do Dance Floor Theory a year ago at Alvernia.
August 17, 2011

Speaking Tip/Trick #6 – Minding The CARTS

If giving a training or keynote were just about you, it would actually be pretty easy, but in reality there are several variables, some out of […]
November 11, 2010

Hindsight – 11/09/10 – The Ugly 99.99% Rule

After every training I give, a handful of students always come up to ask  a variety of questions around entrepreneurship, education, and technology. I genuinely get […]
November 3, 2010

Everyone’s a Teacher and Everyone’s a Student

After my last campus training for SDSM&T a student came up to me and asked a question about entrepreneurship. I’ve been asked the same question a […]