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03 Aug

This is what happens when innovative startups get bought by big companies [IMAGE]

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  They stop innovating, supporting, and updating. My Tungle.me syncing started having problems several months ago and I kept pushing off spending time trying to fix it because after I went through an initial round of trouble-shooting it still didn’t work and I was stumped. Today, I dug back into the issue and again fell short. […]

26 Jan

Categorizing My Online World

Between Facebook, multiple Twitter accounts, Google+, Google’s address book, and our internal CRM system for Swift Kick, I have so many different names for groupings of the people I follow, that it was getting extremely confusing to bounce between each network. I know my network is my net worth and it’s paid me back infinity+1, […]

29 Mar

QR Code Resume [IMAGE]

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Spotted this resume at #ACPA11 from a grad student looking for a job. Chances are 99.99% of people who look at his resume won’t actually use the QR Code, but the simple idea of having it on the resume says a lot about him and will also help him stand out in a stack if […]

03 Mar

Hindsight – 03/03/11 – Experiencing Dinner

I haven’t seen my parents, who live in Chicago, in over six months. The national ACUI conference was held in Chicago this week so I extended my trip through the weekend to spend some time with them. It makes me happy to spend time with them as I know they are getting older and time […]

21 Feb

My 3yr Old Nephew Learned To Call Me [IMAGE]

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My nephew, Noah, learned how to call me from ACbert’s phone. 

09 Nov

Online Student Engagement & Weekends According to Red Rover [IMAGE]

The graph below of total Red Rover page views shows an interesting pattern with online student engagement, in that, they don’t hang around online during the weekends. Well at least they don’t hang around their school’s Red Rover site on the weekends. It’s interesting to see how almost perfectly symmetrical it is.

29 Oct

Hindsight – 10/29/10 – DC Bound: Then vs Now

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Annie and I are traveling on a Megabus down to DC right now for the Rally To Restore Sanity and I can’t help but compare this bus ride to what it must have been like for my hippie parents during the 60s riding to DC to protest. Beyond the differences in circumstances and purpose of […]

14 Sep

Your Brain On Google [VIDEO]

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via Alltop

09 Aug

Student Affairs Passion + Knowledge = @EdCabellon [IMAGE]

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Ed Cabellon of SA Collaborative, #SAchat, and On The Go fame stopped into NYC today. Originally Annie and I were going to host him at Casa de Krieglbert for the night, but instead we just enjoyed a nice dinner so he could get back to his family in Boston. If you care about Student Affairs […]

09 Jul

I Heard It First On Twitter

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A massive fire [see picture below] erupted in a building across the street from where Annie and I live. Reports online say the smoke was visible as far away as New Jersey. Fires happen all the time, but not across the street from us. The amazing thing, and a sign of the times, is I […]