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22 May

People first, then money, then things

“People first, then money, then things.” – Suze Orman Our operatic voices belted throughout the car as we sang along to Johnny Cash. Then we drove along Country Road S and decided to switch over to free style rapping. Towards the end of our three hour road-trip, we even got to practice our falsetto voices […]

07 Apr

What Does The White Man Want?

I had dinner tonight with Deanna Latson and Patrick Combs talking about a variety of topics. At one point I asked them about which direction they thought would be best to take Swift Kick between adding an additional channel to focus on corporate culture training, or to continue to build out services for student leaders […]

17 Jan

Selling Our Crowdfunding Platform – Student Launcher

The vision of Swift KickĀ is to see a world in which every student feels welcomed, connected and engaged at their institution and retention rates are 100%. In pursuit of that vision, we’ve tried many tactics: 1) Dance Floor Theory Leadership Training 2) www.StudentAffairsCollective.org (#SAChat) 3) www.StudentLeaderCollective.org (#SLChat) 4) www.StudentLauncher.org Some of these projects are immensely […]

10 Aug

Nothing Kills a Great Story Like Data

Every entrepreneur has to be really good at telling the story of their business. Whether for sales, investing, or to employees, the better an entrepreneur is at telling the story, the more confidence those around her will have. Meanwhile, while the entrepreneur is getting good at telling the story, the entrepreneur also has to keep […]

02 Mar

Getting Interviewed

Entrepreneurship, Hindsight No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Several weeks ago, a student from Baldwin-Wallace College, Drew Thomas, asked, after a training I did at their school, if he could interview me for a class project. Today we conducted the interview while I was driving between Houston and Lake Charles. Here’s the list of questions he asked with some of my answers…   […]

19 May

My Love of the Team and the Game

My first business was selling old edition textbooks online through a company called DiscountedDepot. It was very lucerative for me until the bookstores, I contracted with, realized they could do the same thing and cut me out. I really enjoyed growing the business, but I also really enjoyed growing my knowledge about how to grow […]

18 Nov

The Starting Founders’ Equity Equation [Founder Lessons]

After six months of exploration since leaving Red Rover, I’ve narrowed down my list of potential new projects to one that is most exciting. For now I’ll hold off on talking about the idea, but since this is my third (maybe fourth) time ramping up a new business, my goal is to be extremely transparent […]

09 Sep

CoolTool: Booshaka – Discover Your Facebook Page SuperFans

NAME: Booshaka URL: http://www.booshaka.com WHAT IT DOES: Attaches a point-scoring system to the activity of your Facebook Fans to help you discover your Top Fans through an engagement dashboard. MY TAKE: Long time readers of the Swift Kick blog will know that I talk about the 90-9-1 rule often when it comes to community engagement, […]

02 Sep

The Why Behind FREE HUGS

Like Joseph Campbell’s famous Hero’s Journey philosophy, we like to divide college students into 5 different stages of engagement based on the Engagement Pyramid below… Each stage is defined by a different set of characteristics of an individual. Fully engaged individuals display a different set of characteristics than apathetic/uninvolved individuals. Thus, the way we interact […]

28 Aug

Why Would I do Anything Else?

It’s the end of August and most schools are gearing up for students coming back to campus. That means it’s also my busiest travel season. As an example, over the past three days I took three flights, stayed in three different locations, and rented three different cars. Fall travel craziness gets insane really fast. But […]