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14 May

I’m Out

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Each Spring, ACbert and I usually join two soccer leagues and one softball league. All the teams are fun groups, so not only do we enjoy playing, we also enjoy hanging out with the different groups.I usually only join a team after I’ve looked ahead on my calendar to know for sure that I will […]

26 Dec

Top Ten Things That Make Me Happy

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Blogger James Altucher challenged his readers to create a list of the ten things that make you happy. Here’s my list… Spending time with my wife Spending time with my family Building things people value Building financial wealth Spending time with friends Reading (learning) Traveling for pleasure Being active (soccer, hiking, etc) Daydreaming Connecting with […]

19 Aug

Laying Tracks for Motivated Trains

Three quick stories, one important point. Story #1: Last week, before my soccer match, I watched a little league softball game on the field next to us. Surrounding the field was a collection of parents multitasking between the game, their blackberries, and babysitting their, even younger, offspring. One parent in particular was having a hard […]

22 Jun

Inspiring Song V.15 [VIDEO]

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K´naan – Wavin’ Flag

10 Jun

Q&A: My Thoughts on Leadership

Below is an inverview with MBA student,¬†Lucas Salazar,¬†for his Leadership and Management class at Lawrence Technological University. LS: How would you define effective leadership? TK: Effective leadership is the ability to create a clear vision, explain it to others, and build a team to make the vision happen. LS: Do you think leadership develops with […]

20 Sep

Being A Referee [QUOTE]

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"When you learn to be a referee, they tell you to keep your whistle at your waist. So when you see a foul, you have at least one second to contemplate whether you are actually going to call it or not while you bring your whistle from your waist to your mouth. And for a […]

02 Sep

Hindsight 09/02/10 – Understanding Community

I've been in an ongoing discussion with Nate from itstartswith.us and Patty who heads Groupon/The Point's community engagement about how to quantify the value of community within a company. Through our totally casual emailing back and forth, lots of interesting ideas have sprung up. Here's a sample of the last email exchange I had with […]

14 Aug

It’s a Bird, A Plane…Nope Just Annie [IMAGE]

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18 Jul

Dream Chronicles: The Bridge, Facebook Event, and Soccer

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Annie and I lived on the Brooklyn Bridge at the top of one of the towers. Though a Facebook Event, we were invited to play in a two person soccer tournament. Annie and I signed up and made it to the final four. Our semi final game was against a very skilled, but annoyingly egotistical […]

10 Jul

Feeling My Body Age

Annie and I played two soccer games today wrapped around a five mile walk. We're now playing on two different teams two times a week. A few years ago in Chicago, two or three games a week was nothing and my body would bounce back quickly. Now my muscles ache more and last longer. Age […]