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27 Mar

3 Simple Steps to Increased Daily Productivity

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Last week I listened to Peter Bregman talk on productivity. Any long time readers of mine know that I’m always trying to optimize my productivity levels, so Peter’s talk was perfect. I started implementing three key points from his talk over the past week and already I can see a big different in my productivity. 1) […]

12 Mar

A Good Mental Workout

I started today with an intense list of to-dos. Not a long list of silly little things, but rather a short list of really important, but hard, action items (e.g. build a marketing deck, update pitch deck, update the five year projections, etc). In the past, these are the kind of to-dos that I probably […]

12 Oct

Goals Aren’t For The Expected

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I just got off the phone with my goal partner. We meet once a month to set a series of high-level goals (usually no more than 4) for the following month to which we hold each other accountable. As I looked ahead for the month, I listed the things I knew I wanted to get […]

03 Jun

The Hardest Part: Focus

  A couple years ago, I attended a time-management ed session at a conference where the presenter set up a rather simple activity that keeps resonating in my head years later. The set up for the activity involved two volunteers and a table with hundreds of blue poker chips and a few red ones spread […]

05 Mar

CoolTool: MySpeed by Enounce

CoolTool, Productivity, Videos 2 Comments by Tom Krieglstein

NAME MySpeed URL http://www.enounce.com/myspeed WHAT IT DOES Speeds up (or slows down) the playback of online video watching. MY TAKE Watching online videos at normal speed is so 2010. Our brain input is much faster than our verbal output. With MySpeed I zip through videos 2x the speed. In fact, now when I go back […]

18 Nov

Working Like Dogs

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Think about the last time you went out of town for a trip or vacation. When were you most efficient and effective with your time in terms of getting the mission critical stuff done leading up to the trip date? Three months ahead of time? One week ahead of time? The day of? Unless you’re […]

18 Nov

Keeping the Hunger in Stability

One of the greatest assets of an entrepreneur in the startup phase is his/her hunger. Hunger drives an entrepreneur to try a little bit harder, experiment a little bit more, and overall work a little bit longer. Hunger comes from a combination of excitement over a new project and the reality of zero cash in […]

14 Nov

Hindsight – 11/14/10 – Proving Worth

I left my weekly meeting with Kevin today on a frustrated note. I went into the meeting with an outline of what I wanted to cover, however after an hour we hadn’t covered anything on my list. We started the meeting recapping our respective work weeks. I had a busy week working on a plethora of things […]

12 Nov

Hindsight – 11/12/10 – Structured Brainstorming

Today we had our monthly team huddle where I presented on our company principles. In preparation, I created an outline of how I was going to present each principle but didn’t plan how to open up the discussion to the group for further input. My lack of structure for brainstorming led to a rather scattered […]

28 Oct

Good Night’s Sleep, Good Day’s Work [QUOTE]

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“Would you expect someone to get a good night’s sleep if they were interrupted all night? Then how can you expect someone to get a good day’s work if they are interrupted all day?” – Jason F.