September 2, 2011

Happy 27th Birthday Michael Krieglstein!

Since I was only three years old when my younger brother Michael was born, I can’t say I remember anything about his actual birth except for […]
March 9, 2011

Something They Don’t Teach In School

Andrew Schwartz is a soon to be highschool graduate going to Carnegie Mellon who I’ve talked about before. Next week I’m doing a training at a school […]
March 3, 2011

Hindsight – 03/03/11 – Experiencing Dinner

I haven’t seen my parents, who live in Chicago, in over six months. The national ACUI conference was held in Chicago this week so I extended […]
October 29, 2010

Hindsight – 10/29/10 – DC Bound: Then vs Now

Annie and I are traveling on a Megabus down to DC right now for the Rally To Restore Sanity and I can’t help but compare this […]