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29 Apr

The long learning of how to maintain friendships

Friends 2 Comments by Tom Krieglstein

The first time I met Kevin was back in 2002 at our Supuercamp try-outs in San Diego. I like to say it was entrepreneurial love at first site. We were both tall and lanky white dudes who found a common bound around adventure, entrepreneurship, and education. Since then, Kevin and I have gone from co-facilitators, […]

13 Jan

When a line in a book speaks to you

Writing No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

“The Lower East Side begins just south of where the numbered streets and avenues end. It’s where Manhattan stops making sense.” –Ā Brendan Jay Sullivan inĀ Rivington Was Ours This is the kind of sentence in a book that I love to read…and re-read. So simple yet filled with so much meaning. When I read lines like […]

13 Sep

Things That Are Actually Cheaper in NYC

NYC, Traveling No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

From all my traveling around the US, here are the things I’ve found to actually be cheaper in NYC compared to other places. 1) Fresh Bagel – $.60 to $1 2) Pizza Slice – $1 3) Shoe Shine – $3 4) Dry Cleaning – $Varies 5) Taxi Ride – $Varies 6) Nail Treatments – $Varies […]

19 Nov

Something You Might Not Know About Me…

Family, Self Insight 2 Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Every November, my family would collect all the left over tomatoes from our farm that we couldn’t stuff into our bellies the prior three months. The collection was step one in the yearly ritual of canning everything for winter so we would have fresh produce during the long Michigan winter. Step two in the canning […]

12 Jun

Aliens Need to Attack The Earth

General No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Growing up, I didn’t get along with everyone in my school. But when we played a rival school, I’d happily sit next to any classmate in the stands and proudly where my school colors. I certainly didn’t get along with everyone in Chicago, but when the Chicago Bears (IL) played the Green Bay Packers (WI), […]

17 Nov

Keynote Review – Ido Leffler of Yes to Carrots

Tonight Ido Leffler, the founder of the fashion product line “Yes to Carrots,” spoke to the NY Entrepreneurs’ Organization at the Trump SoHo ballroom. Here are my short-hand note take-aways from the talk… In sales, he’d inject an urgency into trying to get a meeting with someone. If he were coming to NYC for a week, he’d […]

08 Sep

Watch Out: “Right” and “So” are the new “Like”

Speaking, Speaking Tips No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

I don’t know if it’s a trend isolated to just the tech geeks, but more and more I’m hearing the the words “right” and “so” being used as filler words like the word “like.” I first noticed it during interviews with the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Then, in a recent trip to Austin, my […]

07 Sep

New Student Orientation: Dependence vs Independence

Luggage Porter by ColbyBluth The day before Hurricane Irene made landfall along the Eastern Seaboard, a friend asked my wife and I to help volunteer setting up an evacuation center in NYC. While helping out, I was trying to be as nice as possible to the people coming in seeking shelter. I’d stop my work […]

28 Aug

Hindsight – 08/28/11 – Friends Who Volunteer

This morning our friend Lauren texted us to see if we were up for helping set up a new Irene evacuation shelter they were opening near Union Sq. It makes sense that there would be need for a massive number of volunteers across the city, but neither Annie or I had heard anything about it […]

02 Aug

Red Rover, Techstars, and Bloomberg TV [VIDEO]

Below is the tralier for an upcoming documentry airing on Bloomberg TV starting September 13th at 9pm that follows the behind-the-scense progress of ten tech companies here in NYC, including Red Rover. Click here to read the full story from TechCrunch. It’ll be interesting to watch how each company is positioned as our personalities and […]