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14 Jun

Tim Russert – Rest in Peace

ACbert No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Tom and I recorded this video the morning we met Tim Russert at the Today Show on May 21. As you can see, we were crazy excited and I had even said that if we won the wedding, all I wanted was a wedding picture with Tim. 🙁 We’ll miss you Tim! Meeting him was […]

06 Jun

Oodles of Thanks for the Love and Support!

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Well, we didn’t have the best of Wednesdays this week when we got ousted from NBC’s Today Show Wedding 🙁 Also, the trip to the show on Wednesday was very eventful for Tom. After countless flight delays, Tom and his brother drove all night (13 hrs total) to just barely make the show and sadly […]

01 Jun

Baby Tom Reminding You Round 3 Voting Ends Monday June 2nd @ Noon

General No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

In case you’re saving your votes to the last minute or hoping to get a few more people to vote, now is the time to do so as Round 3 voting ends Monday, June 2nd @ Noon EST (11:00AM CST). Then stay tuned as Wednesday from 8-9am on the TODAY Show we find out which […]

28 May

Racing Through NBC Studios for the Big Treasure Hunt – Week 3

ACbert No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

No feather headpieces or cupcakes this week, but we did dash through the NBC studios in a frenzy on a wedding themed treasure hunt for this morning’s Today Show Race. Leave it to me to find the big bottle of hair spray, pink marker and picture of Al Roker! 🙂 Our uber-excitement kinda fuzzied our […]

25 May

From a 12-Bed Youth Hostel to the 5-Star Essex House

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When we backpacked around Europe and Asia for 8 months, we did it on basically no money and a weak dollar. What that meant was we never went out at night, rarely ate out and almost always stayed in a 4-12 person dorm style youth hostel where you pay per bed. We even camped out […]

22 May

We Made it to Round 2, and Sold a Lot of Cupcakes!

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Cupcakes were flying on Rockefeller Plaza Wednesday morning as Tom and I competed in Race Two of NBC’s Today Show Wedding: Race to the Altar. We had 15 minutes to sell a whole lotta yummy cupcakes, so you know we went cupcake crazy. Tom broke out the German for some tourists and I broke out […]

19 May

Why I Love Annie…

ACbert, Love No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Six years ago when we started dating, Annie described a relationship to me as not being another thing on “the plate” but rather the dipping sauce in which everything on “the plate” is dipped into making it taste better. Her comment completely changed the way I thought about love and was the beginning of my […]

16 May

NBC 5 Interview Outside at 6:45am in 44 Degree Weather

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Here’s our extra early morning interview on NBC 5: Here’s our early morning video review of the past day and Annie’s unique wedding dress:

15 May

It’s Time to Vote for Annie and Tom!

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Wake up early to catch our appearance on NBC’s Today Show? It proved to be quite a show with a lot of feathers, falls and frolicking! Now it’s time to VOTE!! You can vote via online AND texting! 1) Via online for Couple #5 at http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/23713175 2) Via texting by texting “5” to 46833 Remember, […]

13 May

Watch Annie + Tom Tomorrow 8am on the NBC TODAY SHOW WEDDING

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Hello Hello Hello! We finally arrived in NYC to meet with the TODAY Show crew! Boo flight delays; yay TV! Tomorrow Annie and I will appear on the TODAY Show on NBC during the 8 am hour, so set your Tivo, DVR, or dust off your VHS tapes and enjoy our bright and early smiling […]