May 29, 2011

Hindsight – 05/29/11 – In Sickness and In Health

ACbert got sick at a wedding last week in Chicago. The sickness is still lingering and, a week later, she’s still not well enough to go […]
November 13, 2010

Hindsight – 11/13/10 – After Nine Years

After being together for nine years, it’s exciting for me to know that I’m still discovering new stuff about Annie. Today we watched Big Fish at […]
October 6, 2010

Gonna Watch Waiting For Superman? Make it a Win-Win-Win

The much hyped and anticipated movie about the US educational system, Waiting For Superman, opened nationwide about a week ago and has already sparked a lot […]
September 3, 2010

Hindsight 09/03/10 – Emotional Intelligence

Tonight we planned to go watch Inception at the Chelsea Cinema where we had a special deal on tickets. Because we both enjoy walking, we scampered […]