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27 Feb

Did You Know Plane Bathrooms Have Baby Diaper Stations?

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I love the process of entering into new life phases such as graduating college, getting engaged, starting a business, or raising money. Each phase, so far, has approached me a bit like a Doppler Effect. I hear the phase coming. It gets louder. It’s here! It fades away. It’s gone. A life phase that is […]

18 Jan

Burning Sadness

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It’s 5:30am and I’m waiting for my Supershuttle to the airport, but quickly wanted to record a feeling I had last night that shook me to the core. My alarm was set to go off at 4am, but for whatever reason I woke up at 3:50 instead. I looked over at my wife and something […]

08 Nov

Passing Away on Facebook

A family friend unexpectedly passed away a couple weekends ago. He was much too young for death so it was extra sad for everyone who knew him. As most news now-a-days, word of his death spread virally to all relevant parties and the grievances started flowing in. Instead of traditional grievance letters to the family, […]

03 Jul

Asking the Big Questions…In a Bathroom Stall [IMAGE]

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(yes I did snap this from within the stall I was using…don’t judge)

04 Nov

My Dad’s Life as Told by his 2 Yr Old Grandson [VIDEO]

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My dad turned 70 this year and in celebration my oldest brother, Robin, had his son record this cutness filled video. 

05 Sep

Life in Perspective [IMAGE]

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09 Jul

Look Forward [QUOTE]

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“Do what you have to do in life, move forward and you’ll be surprised by how much these things didn’t matter.” – Modified Don Draper quote by Jeff Lail.

21 Jun

Damn Good Advice

Love him, or hate him, James Altucher is quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers that inspires me to write more open and candid about my life and learnings. Below is an excerpt from a post he wrote on advice he wants to give his daughters. I think it’s advice that everyone should subscribe to. […]

27 Mar

Hindsight – 03/27/11 – In The Family

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Today I was asked by someone at #ACPA11 if, “I was in the family?” Not knowing what he meant, I paused and laughed thinking he meant the mob. I then said, “What do you mean?” He responded by saying, “Oh never mind then, that means you’re not.” He went on to tell me it’s another […]

10 Sep

Home Office vs Office Office

For six years I worked from home and thought it was perfect to be able to stroll from the kitchen to "work" with my oatmeal in hand. For the past ten months I've been working, for the first time in my life, out of an office and now I know I'll never go back to […]