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26 Jan

Book Review: The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

Books No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Despite popular belief which says that happiness comes after success, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor aims to prove that happiness is a precursor to success. Those who are happiest are primed for increased levels of success in life. Success can look like a lot of things such as higher productivity at work, decreased mistakes during surgery, […]

14 Oct

Speaking Tip/Trick #15 – Be Willing to Change the Program Format to Fit The Size of the Group

We were expecting 50 but only six students showed up to my open campus leadership training at the school. We waited an extra 30 minutes to start and while a few people did trickle in and out, only the initial six remained. In the end we decided to give each of the six a free […]

22 May

Rejected By TED, But They Make It Sound So Nice [IMAGE]

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It was a long shot, but TED was hosting open casting calls this year and I figured with my background in speaking and seven years of validated content, I have a thing or two to say about education…specifically when it comes to outside the classroom engagement, which is sorely missed in the education reform talks. […]

02 Sep

The Why Behind FREE HUGS

Like Joseph Campbell’s famous Hero’s Journey philosophy, we like to divide college students into 5 different stages of engagement based on the Engagement Pyramid below… Each stage is defined by a different set of characteristics of an individual. Fully engaged individuals display a different set of characteristics than apathetic/uninvolved individuals. Thus, the way we interact […]

19 Aug

Laying Tracks for Motivated Trains

Three quick stories, one important point. Story #1: Last week, before my soccer match, I watched a little league softball game on the field next to us. Surrounding the field was a collection of parents multitasking between the game, their blackberries, and babysitting their, even younger, offspring. One parent in particular was having a hard […]

22 Jun

My Community Engagement Thesis [IMAGE]

Below is a picture of me walking two business owners through how to create, increase, and measure community engagement within their business. It’s a collumination of seven years of hands on work in the area and I have to say, it feels so damn good to have it connect together as well as it does. […]

07 Feb

NCSL Article: Discovering Your Student Life’s Heartbeat Online

In our continuing quest to better help schools understand, measure, and utilize the increasing amount of campus engagement online, I wrote the article below on discovering your student life’s heartbeat online for this month’s NCSL NOW! magazine.  Discovering Your Student Life’s Heartbeat Online By Tom Krieglstein The Internet is a decentralized place, with a lot […]

11 Nov

Engagement Based Leadership

Most student club advisors will tell you that club engagement goes through waves; some years are rockstars and others are duds. Almost every club starts the year with aspirations of rockstardom, but within a couple weeks, the excitement and motivation of the leadership team fades, and thus, the entire club activity withers. In pondering this […]

11 Nov

Hindsight – 11/09/10 – The Ugly 99.99% Rule

After every training I give, a handful of students always come up to ask  a variety of questions around entrepreneurship, education, and technology. I genuinely get excited when students get excited about doing more than just their school work, so I give each person my contact info and tell them to keep me posted on […]

09 Nov

Online Student Engagement & Weekends According to Red Rover [IMAGE]

The graph below of total Red Rover page views shows an interesting pattern with online student engagement, in that, they don’t hang around online during the weekends. Well at least they don’t hang around their school’s Red Rover site on the weekends. It’s interesting to see how almost perfectly symmetrical it is.