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19 Apr

2016 hit me really hard, but I learned 5 amazing life lessons

2016 turned out to be the toughest year I’ve ever experienced. I haven’t written about it publicly until now because I wasn’t ready. But I’m ready now. I know some of you already know what happened. Many of you don’t know, and a week doesn’t go by where I don’t field questions about what happened. […]

11 Dec

Breaking My Silence on Ferguson and Eric Garner

Activism, Self Insight 2 Comments by Tom Krieglstein

For two weeks the internet exploded with debates around Ferguson and Eric Garner. It was hard to even look at Facebook without someone raising hell on either side of the issue. And me? What did I do? I was silent for a long time until last night during an #SAChat, I was challenged to dig […]

11 Dec

My Two Biggest Triggers for Anxiety

As of right now, our total confirmed revenue for Q1 of 2015 is already 30% higher than it was in 2014 and will probably go up to 50% in the next two weeks. Across the board, everything looks great as the Swift Kick team heads into 2015. But yet, deep inside of me, I still […]

27 Mar

Speaking Tip/Trick #12 – How to Pick the Best Audience Members for Participation (Pre-Screening)

Speaking, Speaking Tips No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Nothing can tank, or pick up, the flow of a speech more than audience participation. When picked well, one would almost think you planted the person in the audience. But when picked badly, it leaves you, and the audience, in an awkward state. In my Dance Floor Theory Leadership Training, I know 20 minutes into […]

13 Mar

How are you doing?

(got this text from a friend today, but I haven’t responded yet because I don’t think I can accurately answer via text) It’s such an innocent question, but yet can be so loaded based on the depth of my desire to answer. Running a business really is a non-stop roller coaster of emotions. One day the sun […]

07 Nov

Jealous of Musicians

Music, Speaking No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

I’ve long been jealous of the feeling that musicians can give to their fans through their songs. Sometimes all it takes is for the opening note of the song and instantly their fans are taken to another world and feel like they are on cloud 9. Just listen to the passion and energy in the […]

29 May

Hindsight – 05/29/11 – In Sickness and In Health

ACbert got sick at a wedding last week in Chicago. The sickness is still lingering and, a week later, she’s still not well enough to go outside for very long. Normally it’s not a big deal as weekends come and go. But this weekend is Memorial Day and the weather has been simply beautiful and […]

13 Nov

Hindsight – 11/13/10 – After Nine Years

ACbert, Hindsight, Relationships No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

After being together for nine years, it’s exciting for me to know that I’m still discovering new stuff about Annie. Today we watched Big Fish at the Sony Technology Center. Anyone who knows the film, knows if you don’t cry at the end you are not human. In the dark theater we teared up along […]

20 Sep

Being A Referee [QUOTE]

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"When you learn to be a referee, they tell you to keep your whistle at your waist. So when you see a foul, you have at least one second to contemplate whether you are actually going to call it or not while you bring your whistle from your waist to your mouth. And for a […]

08 Sep

Hindsight 09/08/10 – Consciously Being Through Blogging

For the past two weeks, I've been experimenting with publicly writing a daily "journal" entry on my blog. For four years in college, I kept a basic Word Doc journal because I felt like so much was happening every day and I wanted a record of the events and my emotions around the events. I've tried […]