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12 Mar

4 Tricks This Clever Email Pitch Taught Me About Email Marketing

Creative Ideas, Marketing 2 Comments by Tom Krieglstein

My inbox is regularly filled with various pitches for support tools on anything from website hosting to branded toilet paper marketing. Most of the time I can tell within five seconds if something is spam and delete it. Marketers are always looking for innovative ways to get someone to not only not delete an email, […]

05 Mar

Building a Community on Meetup.com? Make Sure You Collect Emails

Community No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

You may or may not have noticed that Meetup.com was down for almost a week due to a Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. A DDoS attack floods a site with a massive amount of fake traffic that essentially overloads the servers to the point where no one can load a page. While it’s sad to […]

02 Mar

Getting Interviewed

Entrepreneurship, Hindsight No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Several weeks ago, a student from Baldwin-Wallace College, Drew Thomas, asked, after a training I did at their school, if he could interview me for a class project. Today we conducted the interview while I was driving between Houston and Lake Charles. Here’s the list of questions he asked with some of my answers…   […]

21 Jan

Checking Out of Technology

Wifi on flights and trains is starting to become common place. It worries me because flights and train rides used to be the only places were I was forced to unplug from everything and just stare out the window. The allure of the next great email is just to powerful to ignore for too long […]

17 Jul

From 2008 to 2012: Soul Warming Email [IMAGE]

I’ve been doing Dance Floor Theory Leadership Trainings since 2004, which is a long time and a lot of students. Any good speaker knows the feeling of getting off stage to a whirlwind of buzzing students excited to talk. Many students energetically say they will follow up later, but sadly most don’t. Every so often, […]

31 May

CoolTool: FollowUpThen – The Secret To #InboxZero

NAME: FollowUpThen URL: http://www.followupthen.com WHAT IT DOES: Clear out your inbox daily by scheduling emails to boomerang back to you at a future date when you want. MY TAKE: I’ve been a fan of #InboxZero since before #InboxZero was cool. But I digress…The biggest pain I’ve experienced to achieving #InboxZero is when an email comes […]

26 Apr

A Startup Founder’s Least Favorite Type of Email

The email is from a trusted source. There is no subject. The body is super short with just an “FYI…” and a link to a site I’ve never heard of. I just assume I’m going to click through and find a company that is doing exactly what we are doing with AlumniChoose, except they are […]

18 Apr

Google Social Mapping [IMAGES]

Images, Technology No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

With the massive amount of information Google knows about us, it’s interesting to see how the data is slowly peaking out from behind their databases. Here are two examples.. Based on who I’m sending an email to, gmail recommendends other people I might want to include on the email. When I do a search, Google […]

26 Mar

Millennials and Email: A Telling Sign [IMAGE]

Facebook status update from my 18 year old cousin.

08 Feb

Personalizing The Institution From Within

A well known trend in higher ed is to move away from the “one-size-fits-all” education model to a model that treats each student as an individual learner. With Red Rover, we help institutions move towards this learner centered education vision by building out individual identity profiles and delivering relevant opportunities for connections, learning, and growth. […]