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04 Aug

Extremely Humbling Experience at #SAtechBOS

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Over the past seven years, I’ve spoken at a lot of schools with our Dance Floor Theory Student Leadership Training program. I’ve always considered myself more of a theory/practice type of speaker than motivational/inspirational. It’s not that I don’t value the motivational/inspirational type talks, it’s just that every time I tried to go down that […]

17 Jul

From 2008 to 2012: Soul Warming Email [IMAGE]

I’ve been doing Dance Floor Theory Leadership Trainings since 2004, which is a long time and a lot of students. Any good speaker knows the feeling of getting off stage to a whirlwind of buzzing students excited to talk. Many students energetically say they will follow up later, but sadly most don’t. Every so often, […]

29 May

Speaking Tip/Trick #10 – The Repeaters

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There’s a sour joke in the speaking world that if you think a speaker is amazing, funny, smart, etc, then you should listen to them a second time. Speakers have to deliver their program like they are saying it for the first time…every time. Most of the great ones do that really well. But if […]

16 May

I Got DFT’ed…And I Didn’t Like It.

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Last week I was part of a panel discussion for TiE on the New York startup scene. I was invited to talk about my experience as both a TechStars Alumnus and founder of Red Rover and AlumniChoose. Before the event officially started, everyone was casually networking around the room. At one point a lady popped […]

15 Oct

MyView: Westmoreland CCC [IMAGE]

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28 Sep

The Social Waltz

While hanging out in Central Park, I watched a large group of people picnicking in a grassy area nearby. Without attempting to stare too much, I’d glance back to the group every five minutes. Each time I looked back, everyone had switched places. It was one big social waltz where everyone mingled with everyone. Thinking […]

27 Sep


KLM leveraged Social Media to creatively engage their traveling customers with a pattern interrupt of happiness. Imagine if your campus had a Social Media Prize Patrol that would track students down via public tweets and deliver them a pattern interrupt of happiness. (video) To learn more about Blender Events, click here. To learn more about our Dance Floor […]

14 Sep

Introducing: 1st Annual Collegiate International Free Hugs Day (11-10-11)

After seven years of helping colleges create their own events on a campus-by-campus basis, we thought it was time to step up the game. This year we’re bringing together 10,000s of student leaders and student groups from all over the world to participate in one single event on one single day. Introducing the 1st Annual […]

02 Sep

The Why Behind FREE HUGS

Like Joseph Campbell’s famous Hero’s Journey philosophy, we like to divide college students into 5 different stages of engagement based on the Engagement Pyramid below… Each stage is defined by a different set of characteristics of an individual. Fully engaged individuals display a different set of characteristics than apathetic/uninvolved individuals. Thus, the way we interact […]

26 Aug

MyView: Alvernia University Dance Floor Theory Training [IMAGE]

They made these shirts specially for the training since they saw me do Dance Floor Theory a year ago at Alvernia.