May 8, 2016

We hit heavy plane turbulence in flight

On a flight out of NYC, the plane hit heavy turbulence and bounced around. The guy next to me squeezed his eyes close and dug his […]
February 10, 2014

Processing Grief Part 2

As you may have read previously, our cat Oscar passed away leaving Annie and I grieving his loss. Though Oscar was “just” a pet cat, he […]
February 5, 2014

Processing Grief Isn’t Easy

Processing grief isn’t easy. There’s just no shortcut way around the feelings. Before time and mental processing allows me to move on, I wanted to capture […]
March 29, 2013

Speaking Tip/Trick #13 – Warm Up Activities With Purpose

Over the past several months, three people I knew unexpectedly passed away, of which I’ve talked about previously on my blog. All three were relatively the […]