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23 Apr

Turnover in the Education Space

This past month I attended two APCA conferences in Atlanta, GA and Hershey, PA. Prior to last month, I hadn’t attended an APCA or NACA conference for three years. I felt like such an underdog because there were so many new faces and students who didn’t know me from jack. Three years ago, we left […]

13 Oct

CoolTool: Join.Me – Super Simple Screen Sharing

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NAME: Join.me URL: http://www.join.me WHAT IT DOES: Super simple, and free, screen sharing, screen controling, and virtual conference tool. MY TAKE: I don’t like having a lot of software on my computer. Several online screen sharing tools I get invited to, ask me to download something before I can use it.  While Join.Me does make […]

24 Aug

Education Reform: Feeling Like An Outsider

A couple weeks ago, I attended the inaugural #140edu conference in NYC which brought together several hundred educators for two days to talk about the future of education. Modeled after TED, each person was given roughly 10 minutes to talk about his/her topic. My topic was on leveraging social media to increase student engagement outside […]

19 Aug

Laying Tracks for Motivated Trains

Three quick stories, one important point. Story #1: Last week, before my soccer match, I watched a little league softball game on the field next to us. Surrounding the field was a collection of parents multitasking between the game, their blackberries, and babysitting their, even younger, offspring. One parent in particular was having a hard […]

17 Aug

Leveraging Social Media to Increase & Quantity Student Engagement – #140Edu Conference Keynote [VIDEO]

17 Aug

Helping Schools Go From Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 – #140Edu Conference Keynote [VIDEO]

10 May

Hindsight – 05/10/11 – Recapping #EOGLC

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The last two days I was in Chicago at the Entrepreneur’s Organization Global Leadership Conference (EOGLC). It’s a kickoff training and celebration for all the EO board members from around the world. The NY chapter brought 7 people. I’m a sub-member of the NY board and so at first wasn’t invited, but then a few […]

07 Mar

Weak Ties vs Strong Ties

James Fowler’s keynote address at the #ACUI11 conference last week stirred up quite a discussion after he made the claim that online relationships had little influence over behavior. As expected, our friends in the #SAchat community quickly expressed concern for the statement through the Twitter backchannel and afterwards in the hotel lobby as they’ve experienced […]