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22 Aug

When Picking A College – Look For Special Freshman Programs

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My work with Swift Kick gives me the joy of visiting tons of colleges every year. In 2016, we’ll work with 90 different schools. The majority of our trainings are done within the Student Affairs department (often called co-curricular as a balance to the curricular (academic) side of an institution). Through my travels, I get to […]

05 Feb

Officially Submitting my Application for Mentorship

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A Twitter notification popped up on my screen with the hashtag #MyMentorIsBetterThanYours. Prior to the tweet, I spend 15 minutes on the phone with this person who vented about her issue with a class she was failing. It was easy to tell she was in a negative spiral of emotions about how this one failed class […]

09 Sep

Do You Really Want To Succeed?

It was 12pm and the room was full of tired first-year students from western New York State who were waiting for me to show them how they could be successful while in college and ultimately in life. On the screen behind me it read, “Dance Floor Theory: The Best Part of College.” I knew this […]

21 Nov

The Four Stages of Managing Roadblocks

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Stage 1 – Youthful Bliss When I first entered college and started to really work on some of my own ideas, I truly thought I was superman and could do, and be, anything. I thought my abilities were endless. When roadblocks came up, I simply steamrolled over them in a youthful bliss. I didn’t think, I […]

19 May

My Love of the Team and the Game

My first business was selling old edition textbooks online through a company called DiscountedDepot. It was very lucerative for me until the bookstores, I contracted with, realized they could do the same thing and cut me out. I really enjoyed growing the business, but I also really enjoyed growing my knowledge about how to grow […]

15 Jan

Who inspires me?

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Speaker friend, Jon Vroman, asked me this question on Facebook, and since it’s something I’ve actually thought about a lot, I knew it needed more than just a Facebook response. Going back to the beginning of my college career, I had this idea planted in me that I’d find “the one.” Not in terms of […]

02 Sep

The Why Behind FREE HUGS

Like Joseph Campbell’s famous Hero’s Journey philosophy, we like to divide college students into 5 different stages of engagement based on the Engagement Pyramid below… Each stage is defined by a different set of characteristics of an individual. Fully engaged individuals display a different set of characteristics than apathetic/uninvolved individuals. Thus, the way we interact […]

26 Aug

Jumping on the (Entrepreneurial) Train

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In Southeast Asia, trains are notorious for rolling though stations without stopping and passengers are expected to jump on and off with the train sill in motion. Here’s a video of what I mean… Jumping on and off a train is kinda easy when it’s just you… But add a family, kids, and luggage and […]

10 May

Educate Yourself: World Lupus Day May 10th

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For most, today is Tuesday, May 10th. For 1.5 million Americans plus their family and friends, today is World Lupus Day. Lupus is often known as the silent killer because it is vastly under funded, reported, and treated. Lupus is a complicated autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks a person’s own cells and […]

08 Feb

Personalizing The Institution From Within

A well known trend in higher ed is to move away from the “one-size-fits-all” education model to a model that treats each student as an individual learner. With Red Rover, we help institutions move towards this learner centered education vision by building out individual identity profiles and delivering relevant opportunities for connections, learning, and growth. […]