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13 Mar

How are you doing?

(got this text from a friend today, but I haven’t responded yet because I don’t think I can accurately answer via text) It’s such an innocent question, but yet can be so loaded based on the depth of my desire to answer. Running a business really is a non-stop roller coaster of emotions. One day the sun […]

28 Feb

Physical vs Digital Businesses

Today, one of my EO Forum mates toured a group of us around his newly purchased storage facility here in Atlanta. It was fun to see how excited he was to show us each floor of the place…even though every floor pretty much looked alike. It’s a storage space after all :). I don’t think […]

23 Aug

Dodging a Business Legal Bullet

Six weeks ago the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board sent me a letter stating that I was in violation of their employee worker comp laws and thus fined a $10,000 penalty. I didn’t think I was in violation, but worried that I just forgot to file/pay for something and was thus actually in violation. […]

19 May

My Love of the Team and the Game

My first business was selling old edition textbooks online through a company called DiscountedDepot. It was very lucerative for me until the bookstores, I contracted with, realized they could do the same thing and cut me out. I really enjoyed growing the business, but I also really enjoyed growing my knowledge about how to grow […]

22 Sep

Nobody Got Rich on Their Own… [QUOTE]

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Borrowed this from my friend Jamison Kingfield because it speaks a lot to my views on success in business and life.

22 Jun

Hindsight – 06/23/11 – Entrepreneurs and Artists

As part of ACbert’s 4-day birthday celebration, we went tonight to an open mic night at the Bowery Poetry Club. Anyone could submit to perform which means the talent was all over the place making the night a bit of a hot mess. But I appreciated that everyone was wiling to take a risk and […]

11 Jun

Hindsight – 06/11/11 – Our Acting Debut

I come from a pretty artistic family where everyone at some point was involved in a musical, play, or band. The need to be artistic is kinda engrained in me. Two things on my bucket list are to perform in a musical and rock a concert with me singing solo while playing piano. Someday I’ll […]

05 Jun

Hindsight – 06/05/11 – Street Peddling

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A common street scene in NYC is young hip guys trying to sell a signed copy of their newly released music CD to pedestrians walking by. By telling you a sob story about how hard it was to produce and how they spent their life savings to produce it, your empathy button is triggered and […]

16 Nov

EO Recap: Teams and Tequila

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Tonight I attended an EO Huddle about creating great teams featuring uber successful entrepreneur Amilya Antonetti. Right out of the gates, Amilya’s strength and conviction around what she does and how she does it showed through. Below are some of the highlights I scribbled in my moleskine: Her green cleaning business arose from a personal […]

26 Oct

USO’s Amazing Vision Statement [IMAGE]

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USO’s vision statement is amazing because it starts with the emotional ‘why.’ It’s also powerful and clear as to its intention.