Jealous of Musicians

November 7, 2012 No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

I’ve long been jealous of the feeling that musicians can give to their fans through their songs. Sometimes all it takes is for the opening note of the song and instantly their fans are taken to another world and feel like they are on cloud 9. Just listen to the passion and energy in the song below, not just from the musician, but also from within yourself. It’s amazing how quickly music can change our mood. I remember reading some “brain based research” on how music bypasses the pre-frontal and goes directly to the amygdala, thus explaining how quickly it impacts our mood.

As a speaker, I’m jealous. I spend a full 60 minutes trying to get students to have the same emotional reaction that a song can do in 10 seconds. And, I suspect if a student listened to my same talk 10 times in the same day, the emotional reaction would quickly diminish each time, but if the same student played their favorite song 10 times in a row, they’d have the same emotional reaction each time, just as strong. It’s a reason I use music so much throughout my talk, and probably why I want to someday be a singer and write songs of my own. Someday…