I love our cat Oscar but…

January 30, 2014 No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

(my favorite picture of Oscar – also my phone wallpaper)

Oscar is our super adorable long haired seal point Himalayan cat that we’ve had for the past 10 years. He was part of a defect batch from a breeder and wasn’t considered valuable. To us he’s invalueable. Unlike our other tabby cat, Oscar just needs human love. He curls up on our lap as soon as we sit down, he has the cutest purr and the biggest blue eyes that gently wink at us. Those are all the things we love about him, but…

For the past year, he’s been throwing up almost daily. To the point now where we have to cover our couch all the time and keep him locked out of the bedroom at night. I spend a decent amount of time each week cleaning up cat throw up. He’s been to the doctor many times in his life with a total bill that I would guess is nearing $6000. Because he’s had a urinary track blockage, he has to be on special food that is of course the most expensive. He gets ear infections and since he’s long haired, he needs to be brushed regularly with the super awesome Ferminator. In short, he’s lovable but super bigh maintenance. Our other cat is like a tank and will probably live to be 25.

Today I took Oscar to the vet because over the past two weeks he’s been getting worse. The vet found an ear infection in one year and something building up in the abdomen area. She said it might be cancer. First step is to do blood work ($300). Then we have the option to do an ultra sound and pull tissue from the area to test for cancer ($700). Then if it is cancer, they can bring in a specialist and…I don’t even want to think about the cost.

So I love Oscar. He’s amazing and has brought so much joy over the past 10 years and I wish he could live to 21 like my first pet cat did. But the state he’s been in for the past year is so taxing both in terms of time and money. When do you say enough is enough and let him go?

As I was walking out of the Vet, I asked, just in case, if they do…I didn’t even know what to call it so the vet said “end of life services” and they said they do. But then she stopped me and said that she didn’t think Oscar was there yet. That made me smile, but how much are we willing to pay for it?

(at the vet today)