Hindsight – Morgan Freeman

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February 1, 2011
The Heartbeat of Red Rover [IMAGE]
February 3, 2011

Hindsight – Morgan Freeman

An old man in our building passed away a couple weeks ago. I only saw and spoke with him a couple times. Annie and I nicknamed him Morgan Freeman because of a striking resemblance.

I found out about his death because of a police notice on his door and asked our Super what happened. Our Super said the police sealed his apartment because they needed to go through his stuff to find someone to call. They haven’t been able to find any one yet nor has anyone showed up. That’s sad.

I remember someone telling me how the first two rows of your funeral are the people who really count. The exercise then is to think about who would be in the first two rows and make sure to put an effort into keeping and building those relationships.

Tom Krieglstein
Tom Krieglstein
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  • If you were told you had one hour to live, who would you call to say goodbye?

    If the whole world were told they only had one hour to live, who would call you?

    • Andrew – great questions to spend some time thinking about and have answers
      too. 99% of people won’t pause long enough to answer such questions.