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12 Sep

Speaking Tip #17 – Play the Long Game with Cancelations

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My bag was packed and I was ready to head to the airport the next morning, but then the school called to cancel. She was calling to say that, due to several factors out of her control, she needed to cancel the program. In our contract we have the following clause: f. Termination. Unless otherwise […]

17 Oct

Speaking Tip #16 – The 4 Physical Barriers Every Speaker Should Break to Better Connect with Their Audience

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Like a 400 pound weight, it took two tech guys to lift the podium off the stage per my request. They assumed, as a speaker, I’d want some sort of podium to present from. My ideal set up couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are four physical barriers that every speaker should […]

14 Oct

Speaking Tip/Trick #15 – Be Willing to Change the Program Format to Fit The Size of the Group

We were expecting 50 but only six students showed up to my open campus leadership training at the school. We waited an extra 30 minutes to start and while a few people did trickle in and out, only the initial six remained. In the end we decided to give each of the six a free […]

23 Jan

My Speeches Are Not All Equal

I wish I could say that every keynote and/or training I do is equally amazing. But the truth is, they just aren’t. In the past, I’ve talked about the five elements every speaker needs to pay attention to to insure they are setting their program up for success. As a quick recap, here are the […]

04 Sep

How My Ego Led To One Of My Worst Speeches Ever

When I started the talk, there were 400 people in the room. When I finished, only 70 remained. Of those remaining 70, 50 were orientation leaders who were paid to be there. About halfway through the hour long talk, I remember looking out over the crowd and saying to myself, “no one is even listening […]

09 May

So You Want to be a College Speaker? My Story Part 1

I’m often asked how to become a college speaker, and after realizing I was repeating the same information and story over and over, I thought it’d be useful to create a space on my website were I could capture my thoughts on the subject for all you aspiring speakers out there. But because it’s a […]

30 Mar

Speaking Tip/Trick #14 – Getting an Audience Member to Speak Up (Playing Opposites)

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Eliciting responses from the audience is a necessary action for almost any speech except for maybe the classic keynote type speech. Some audience members have deep bellowing voices that easily carry across the room, while others barely get above a whisper. Most people tend to fall somewhere in the middle. In an effort to hear […]

29 Mar

Speaking Tip/Trick #13 – Warm Up Activities With Purpose

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Over the past several months, three people I knew unexpectedly passed away, of which I’ve talked about previously on my blog. All three were relatively the same age as me which made death seem so much more real, because if it could unexpectedly happen to them, why not to me? Which got me thinking about […]

27 Mar

Speaking Tip/Trick #12 – How to Pick the Best Audience Members for Participation (Pre-Screening)

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Nothing can tank, or pick up, the flow of a speech more than audience participation. When picked well, one would almost think you planted the person in the audience. But when picked badly, it leaves you, and the audience, in an awkward state. In my Dance Floor Theory Leadership Training, I know 20 minutes into […]

07 Jan

Developing Cartoon Speaker Characteristics

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I think if a speaker spends too much time on the road without a strong anchor back home to either a group of friends or family, they start to develop almost cartoon like characteristics. I suspect it has to do with not having anyone around them to put them in their place from time to […]