Social Media

December 11, 2014

My Two Biggest Triggers for Anxiety

As of right now, our total confirmed revenue for Q1 of 2015 is already 30% higher than it was in 2014 and will probably go up […]
November 8, 2012

Passing Away on Facebook

A family friend unexpectedly passed away a couple weekends ago. He was much too young for death so it was extra sad for everyone who knew […]
May 21, 2012

Take That Zappos Dude! [IMAGE]

Here’s more info on the speech she is talking about.
April 11, 2012

My Tweet That Went Viral

On April 9th, I hit what one could call the Social Media Lottery. At 1:25pm I posted this tweet…!/tomkrieglstein/status/189403580627820545 A half hour later I logged […]