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18 Jan

Relationships Matter at Linkedin

LinkedIn’s Google tag line is “Relationships Matter.” They say they are about helping you strengthen the relationships within your existing network.  Today I received this email from LinkedIn: From an engagement perspective, three things jump out to me in this email… Relationship Strength – I’ve met everyone on the list IRL (in real life). This […]

13 Nov

Hindsight – 11/13/10 – After Nine Years

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After being together for nine years, it’s exciting for me to know that I’m still discovering new stuff about Annie. Today we watched Big Fish at the Sony Technology Center. Anyone who knows the film, knows if you don’t cry at the end you are not human. In the dark theater we teared up along […]

24 Oct

Hindsight – 10/24/10 – Sign Language Lovers

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On my flight home today, the couple in front of me spoke to each other in sign. Though I had a bunch of work to do, I couldn’t keep my eyes off their conversation. It was filled with facial expressions, body movements, eye contact, and of course lots of hand gestures. All the external clues […]

08 Oct

An Open Letter Back To The #SAchat Community

The Backstory Kevin and I started The Student Affairs Collaborative in 2005 to test our hypothesis that a decentralized, open system of peer-to-peer learning built around shared interests would increase engagement and retention.  We wanted to create a community in which everyone was a teacher at some level, and everyone supported each other to become […]

19 Sep

Hindsight – 09/19/10 – Sunday Softballin

  I accompanied Annie to her ingrual NYC softball game today. Partly to support her, and partly to meet the team. I also got to play, and we won by a lot.  In Chicago we built up an entire friend base through playing sports, and figured the same should work in NY, so we joined […]

06 Sep

Danny & Annie: A Beautiful Reminder of Love [VIDEO]

"Being married is like having a color television set, you never want to go back to black and white." via @ceonyc

04 Aug

Congrats Ali aka “The Bachelorette” [IMAGE]

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Spending one month on the NBC Today Show Race To The Alter gave Annie and I a very tiny taste of what reality TV is like. I can only image what the experience was like for Ali to be this season's Bachelorette. Ali and I first met at Stanford University working for Supercamp. It was […]

23 Jul

Revisiting APCA

APCA is hosting their annual NYC Leadership Conference this weekend and since I only work a few blocks from the Times Square conference headquarters, a drop by was in order. I haven’t attended any APCA conferences for over a year because Red Rover’s growth has taken 100% of our resources. In 2008 and 2009 we […]

02 Feb

I Would Love…

“Where you Invest Your Love, You Invest Your Life.” – Mumford & Sons FamilyI would love to experience love at its deepest levelI would love to be “the world’s greatest husband, dad, brother, son, friend”I would love to always look at my wife with the same 19 year old eyesI would love to never forget […]

31 Jan

Understanding Fairness in a Partnership

Fairness is a word that comes up often in conversations between me and Kevin about our partnership in Swift Kick. Through the many business books and classes I’ve taken, only one book has ever talked about the topic of fairness, even though I believe fairness can be used as the #1 determinate of the success, […]