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19 Apr

2016 hit me really hard, but I learned 5 amazing life lessons

2016 turned out to be the toughest year I’ve ever experienced. I haven’t written about it publicly until now because I wasn’t ready. But I’m ready now. I know some of you already know what happened. Many of you don’t know, and a week doesn’t go by where I don’t field questions about what happened. […]

22 May

People first, then money, then things

“People first, then money, then things.” – Suze Orman Our operatic voices belted throughout the car as we sang along to Johnny Cash. Then we drove along Country Road S and decided to switch over to free style rapping. Towards the end of our three hour road-trip, we even got to practice our falsetto voices […]

23 Apr

Turnover in the Education Space

This past month I attended two APCA conferences in Atlanta, GA and Hershey, PA. Prior to last month, I hadn’t attended an APCA or NACA conference for three years. I felt like such an underdog because there were so many new faces and students who didn’t know me from jack. Three years ago, we left […]

16 Jan

Marriage is Like a Plant

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29 Mar

Marriage, Three Years In

On the grand scheme of things, I’m very much a marriage newbie as I know couples who’ve been together for 30, 40, and even 50 years! But like everything in my life, I love learning, getting better, and then helping others to do the same. Marriage is no different. An interesting self-reflection, and probably shared […]

19 Nov

It’s 1am, Please Let Me Sleep

I’m on an overnight bus to Boston for a full day training I’m doing tomorrow with UMass-Boston. She is five rows behind me on her phone. She’s talking loud enough for everyone to hear about how she’s sleeping with a married man that she’s had sex with everywhere from a train to Atlantic City, but […]

29 May

Hindsight – 05/29/11 – In Sickness and In Health

ACbert got sick at a wedding last week in Chicago. The sickness is still lingering and, a week later, she’s still not well enough to go outside for very long. Normally it’s not a big deal as weekends come and go. But this weekend is Memorial Day and the weather has been simply beautiful and […]

26 Apr

Your Strategic Network

Harvard Business Review writers Linda Hill & Kent Lineback recently wrote an article titled “The Three Networks You Need.” Here’s a quick overview of each network: Your Operational Network – People you lean on to complete your day-to-day work within your job role. Your Developmental Network – People you lean on for emotional support. Your […]

07 Mar

Weak Ties vs Strong Ties

James Fowler’s keynote address at the #ACUI11 conference last week stirred up quite a discussion after he made the claim that online relationships had little influence over behavior. As expected, our friends in the #SAchat community quickly expressed concern for the statement through the Twitter backchannel and afterwards in the hotel lobby as they’ve experienced […]

02 Feb

Hindsight – Morgan Freeman

An old man in our building passed away a couple weeks ago. I only saw and spoke with him a couple times. Annie and I nicknamed him Morgan Freeman because of a striking resemblance. I found out about his death because of a police notice on his door and asked our Super what happened. Our […]