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05 Sep

5 Things I’ve Learned After 5 Years of Marriage

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Ask anyone and they’d tell you that they were the perfect couple. They met in high school, married in college and had two kids in their 30s. But after 25 years of marriage, they called it quits and got a divorce. This kind of story scares the crap out of me and sadly I’ve heard […]

05 Feb

Processing Grief Isn’t Easy

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Processing grief isn’t easy. There’s just no shortcut way around the feelings. Before time and mental processing allows me to move on, I wanted to capture how I’m feeling right now. Our cat, Oscar, passed away yesterday due to a cancerous tumor in his abdomen. Oscar was part of a defect batch of show cats […]

30 Jan

I love our cat Oscar but…

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(my favorite picture of Oscar – also my phone wallpaper) Oscar is our super adorable long haired seal point Himalayan cat that we’ve had for the past 10 years. He was part of a defect batch from a breeder and wasn’t considered valuable. To us he’s invalueable. Unlike our other tabby cat, Oscar just needs […]

18 May

Waiting For Annie At The Airport

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In my junior year of college, I did a semester abroad in Berlin, Germany with the Goethe Institute. Towards the end of my trip, Annie saved enough money from her job to come visit me for a week. I’ll never forget the moment I saw her for the first time as she came through the […]

16 Jan

Marriage is Like a Plant

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Was asked to me via IM

29 Mar

Marriage, Three Years In

On the grand scheme of things, I’m very much a marriage newbie as I know couples who’ve been together for 30, 40, and even 50 years! But like everything in my life, I love learning, getting better, and then helping others to do the same. Marriage is no different. An interesting self-reflection, and probably shared […]

01 Jul

Hindsight – 06/30/11 – Bus Tripping To Pittsburgh

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Yes, taking a bus from NYC to Pittsburgh takes eight hours and flying only takes two hours. Yes, it would actually be cheaper to fly if I added in how much my per hour cost is and added that to the cheaper bus tickets. But it’s 2:58 in the morning, I’m drinking a beer (I […]

24 Oct

Hindsight – 10/24/10 – Sign Language Lovers

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On my flight home today, the couple in front of me spoke to each other in sign. Though I had a bunch of work to do, I couldn’t keep my eyes off their conversation. It was filled with facial expressions, body movements, eye contact, and of course lots of hand gestures. All the external clues […]

23 Oct

Hindsight – 10/23/10 – Leftover Energy

Speaking is draining mentally and physically. After a long training like I just finished with SDSMT which was six hours spread over a 24 hour period, all I really want to do is sit in silence and not say anything both to rest my mind and to rest my voice. But after each training, I […]

13 Sep

Hindsight – 09/13/10 – Head First

While speaking at UMSL, I got the chance to hear another speaking go after me. He spoke on Ethics, Character, and Integrity. He did a wonderful job at weaving stories throughout his speech to make each point and keep the audience engaged the full 90 minutes. (Side Note – I want to keep getting better […]