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02 Mar

Getting Interviewed

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Several weeks ago, a student from Baldwin-Wallace College, Drew Thomas, asked, after a training I did at their school, if he could interview me for a class project. Today we conducted the interview while I was driving between Houston and Lake Charles. Here’s the list of questions he asked with some of my answers…   […]

01 Mar

Reflective Journaling Since 2002

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I started daily reflective journaling back in 2002 after a speaker, Patrick Combs, came to my school and told us how powerful journaling can be to sort through all the noise in our heads. At the time, like most college students, I was totally confused about who I wanted to be and what I was […]

28 Feb

Physical vs Digital Businesses

Today, one of my EO Forum mates toured a group of us around his newly purchased storage facility here in Atlanta. It was fun to see how excited he was to show us each floor of the place…even though every floor pretty much looked alike. It’s a storage space after all :). I don’t think […]

27 Feb

What’s Your Superpower?

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Several weeks ago I attended a lecture where the presenter talked about how everyone has their own super power. She went on to say that group leaders have a responsibility to not only determine their own super power, but also the super powers of the rest of the team. Today I had breakfast with a […]

10 Jan

HIndsight – 01/10/12 – Red Eyes and the Home Stretch

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I’m on the last few days of a month long sprint to build the V1 of our new product we’re launching called AlumniChoose. Today I woke up at 7am and worked almost solidly till just a few minutes ago. With breaks for lunch and such, that’s almost a 14 hour day. The past month has […]

24 Sep

Hindsight – 09/24/11 – The Homecoming

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My job entails a lot of traveling right now. Specifically in this season as schools are ramping up their leaders for the year and orientations are in full swing. If you look at our calendar, you’ll see I’m on the road a lot. Every time I’m on my way back to NYC and I start […]

13 Sep

Hindsight – 09/13/11 – TechStars Bloomberg TV

Hindsight, Red Rover No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

The TechStars Bloomberg documentary aired tonight. Some people on Twitter were calling it the American Idol of start-ups. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. We, in Red Rover, were in the NY TechStars program for 4 months and they did a TON of filming. They must have walked away with 1000s of hours of […]

28 Aug

Hindsight – 08/28/11 – Friends Who Volunteer

This morning our friend Lauren texted us to see if we were up for helping set up a new Irene evacuation shelter they were opening near Union Sq. It makes sense that there would be need for a massive number of volunteers across the city, but neither Annie or I had heard anything about it […]

01 Jul

Hindsight – 06/30/11 – Bus Tripping To Pittsburgh

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Yes, taking a bus from NYC to Pittsburgh takes eight hours and flying only takes two hours. Yes, it would actually be cheaper to fly if I added in how much my per hour cost is and added that to the cheaper bus tickets. But it’s 2:58 in the morning, I’m drinking a beer (I […]

22 Jun

Hindsight – 06/23/11 – Entrepreneurs and Artists

As part of ACbert’s 4-day birthday celebration, we went tonight to an open mic night at the Bowery Poetry Club. Anyone could submit to perform which means the talent was all over the place making the night a bit of a hot mess. But I appreciated that everyone was wiling to take a risk and […]