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07 Nov

Love Trumps Hate – Casting My Presidential Vote

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In 2008, I enthusiastically voted for Barack Obama for president. In fact, I was first in line (with my brother) at his election night party in Grant Park, Chicago. Go ahead and Google it, I’ll wait. Though I didn’t agree with everything Barack did over the years, I appreciated his leadership style and if he […]

12 Jun

Aliens Need to Attack The Earth

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Growing up, I didn’t get along with everyone in my school. But when we played a rival school, I’d happily sit next to any classmate in the stands and proudly where my school colors. I certainly didn’t get along with everyone in Chicago, but when the Chicago Bears (IL) played the Green Bay Packers (WI), […]

24 Jan

24hrs Without Gmail (Unusual Usage – Account Temporarily Locked Down)

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At 11:30am today, I logged into my main work gmail account and got this message… It’s now 11:05pm and I still don’t have access to my main work email and according to friends who’ve been previously locked out by gmail, it usually takes the full 24 hours to unlock the account. So now I’m looking […]

19 Oct

Lost My iPhone…Bah

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Traveling home from Pittsburgh yesterday, I dumbly left my phone on the bus. Thanks to iCloud’s Find feature, I know exactly where my phone is (see map below). It’s hanging out in Jersey City waiting for someone to help me get it back. Do you live near here or know this area? Let me know. […]

06 Oct

Gonna Watch Waiting For Superman? Make it a Win-Win-Win

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The much hyped and anticipated movie about the US educational system, Waiting For Superman, opened nationwide about a week ago and has already sparked a lot of great conversations. If you haven't gone yet, go! But before you buy your tickets, make it a Win-Win-Win experience by following the steps below: Win #1 Purchase your […]

26 Jul

Twitter’s Black Bird Pie + RSS = Fail

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Twitter recently made a big fuss about a new tool called Blackbird Pie as a way to embed individual tweets into a website or blog post as seen in the screenshot below: While the embedded Tweets do look nice on the blog post, once the blog post is pushed out to its readers via an […]

04 Feb

Meet Earl Jones: A Study in Positive Attitude

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Annie and I are not far away from our exciting move to NYC. For the past couple months, I’ve been testing the waters by staying with a friend in Hoboken, NJ and commuting to Manhattan to work. To get to our offices at New Work City, I take the NY/NJ PATH train that goes under […]

08 Dec

Hearing The Other Side of Flashmobs

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Improv Everywhere is known for creating scenes in public places. In other circles, their “scenes” are known as flashmobs. The idea being, a group of people come together at a specific time and perform a specific action together, seemingly unrelated to each other, but it’s all actually beautifully orchestrated. We value flashmobs in our Dance […]

03 Aug

Opening Up My Learning Process

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Once upon a time, I wanted to be a house flipper (not the “World’s Strongest Man” type, but the real estate type). In preparation I bought several “how to” books which all started off by saying to always fall in love with the deal, not the house. A common mistake amateur flippers make is getting […]

26 Jan

Our First Dance Song – Bobby Darin ‘More’

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Unlike some couples, we didn’t have a pre planned first dance song so it was a process to find just the right song that fit us, our dancing style (or lack there of), and our wedding. We started by thumbing through our play lists and each picked some personal favorites. But after playing them for […]