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15 May

Feeling Anxiety Around Not Being Good Enough

Comedian Louis CK does this bit about how NYC does an amazing job of putting you in your place no matter how good things are. Here’s a segment from his show… “If you woke up that morning feeling particularly good looking, don’t worry because on your way to work, you’ll pass a pack of supermodels […]

23 Feb

Willpower and the Morning Phone Scan

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I have a morning routine that starts with me waking up about 30 minutes prior to the time I need to wake up for work. The routine goes like this: 5 minutes of yoga stretching. 5 sets of pushups. 5 minutes of guided meditation / affirmations. 5 minutes of Spanish practice. 10 minutes of reading. […]

06 Feb

Time off can be as Valuable as Time on

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This morning I hit a record level of pushups after about a week of plateauing. I did 108 pushups spread out over five sets totaling 10 minutes. Going into my pushup routine this morning, I didn’t think I was going to even reach half the goal because I had not done any pushups for the […]

12 Jan

I Drank Half A Cup Of Coffee Today

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To those that know me, drinking any caffeine is a big deal, and coffee is almost unheard of. But I swear it was my only option. Here’s what happened… The last night of our ski trip (Sunday night) was also the Golden Globes. Not a big deal as that happens every ski trip. Annie had […]

03 Nov

After You Pray, Please Become An Organ Donor And Donate Blood

My god mother spent the last 12 hours in surgery to replace her failed kidney and liver. Prior to the surgery, it was questionable whether they’d find a suitable donor in time as she laid in the hospital bed completely supported by machines. In the end, a donor was found and so far everything with […]

17 Oct

Snorkeling Can Be A Pain In The Neck

Snorkeling gives me a sense of wonder, peace and danger all at the same time. Wonder, as to what I’ll see next. Peace, as my body floats effortless in the water, and danger, as to what a fish must feel like out of water and defenseless. Despite a hurricane, which churned up the water, Annie […]

19 Mar

The Motivating Side of Self-Doubt

I consider myself a positive person and am always thinking optimistically about the future. At the same time, however, I am filled with a constant level of self-doubt. Recently, I went to the doctor to get a check-up. It was my first check-up in over eight years. My prognosis was perfect, to which the doctor […]

13 Mar

How are you doing?

(got this text from a friend today, but I haven’t responded yet because I don’t think I can accurately answer via text) It’s such an innocent question, but yet can be so loaded based on the depth of my desire to answer. Running a business really is a non-stop roller coaster of emotions. One day the sun […]

12 Mar

A Good Mental Workout

I started today with an intense list of to-dos. Not a long list of silly little things, but rather a short list of really important, but hard, action items (e.g. build a marketing deck, update pitch deck, update the five year projections, etc). In the past, these are the kind of to-dos that I probably […]

05 Mar

Invisalign Update: 28 Weeks Later

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I’m currently on tray number 14, which leaves me with just six more trays until I’m done. I had an appointment today to shave down my last tooth. The shaving process is more like rubbing steel sand paper against my tooth. It sounds bad, but really it’s not. It’s actually rather boring as today I […]