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28 Apr

In 2008 I was $99,876 in Debt

Entrepreneurship, Financial No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

My first business in college was selling old edition textbooks online. It was great, I made a lot of money because I was one of the first people selling textbooks online. Then my contracted bookstores all realized they could sell the books themselves and effectively discontinued my relationships with them. In an attempt to diversify […]

07 Sep

I Took The Discount Challenge And Saved $45 In 30 Minutes

The challenge is simple; during checkout at any major retail store, ask for a discount. The purpose of the challenge is two-fold: 1) Prove that the price of almost anything is negotiable, you just have to ask. 2) Get over your fear of asking for things, the worst a person can say is no. On […]

17 Apr

To School Or Not to School

A friend and I were discussing his option of getting a Masters degree or starting a business. Conceivably he could do both, but let’s go with the assumption that they will both require 100% of his focus, so he has to pick one. While discussing, I compared his Masters vs Entrepreneurship decision to that of […]

17 Jun

Unexpected Expenses

ACbert, Financial 2 Comments by Tom Krieglstein

When it comes to money, I’m a planner. Every month I put together a “Krieglbert Equity Chart” and share it with ACbert. Finances are easy when everything is mapped out, but life is more complicated than a spreadsheet. For the past two days our cat, Layla, has been throwing up and refusing food and water. […]

19 Nov

Hindsight – 11/19/10 – Of Different Minds

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As much as we are alike, Annie and I keep running into situations where she was shocked at what was actually going through my head and vice versa. I’ll try and capture the moments when they happen to see if there are any patterns. Here’s one that happened today… At the 47th and 6th subway […]

08 Jul

Managing The Financial Lego Pieces of Red Rover [IMAGE]

Below is a brain-sketch we did to map out the best, easiest, and cost effective ways to manage Red Rover’s finances, cash flow, payroll, and projections. There are so many wonderful new tools like Freshbooks, Outright, and Mint that make older tools like Quickbooks feel like taking grandpa for a walk. Trick is managing the […]

27 Jun

Are NYC MetroCard Unlimited Passes Worth It?

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Three happy years without a car has forced Annie and I to navigate via public transportation. In Chicago, we had the CTA system down, but as NYC newbies, we’re slowly learning a new system with a different fee structure. In debating on getting an unlimited pass or not, here’s a quick guide to determine if […]