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27 Nov

For The Holidays, Be More Interested Than Interesting

Family, Self Insight 2 Comments by Tom Krieglstein

As my family collectively gets older, it’s clear that some of our interests overlap, and other interests are an individual pursuit. While my four brothers all tend to be curiously interested in a lot of topics, they aren’t as immersed in the world of educational engagement and growing a business as myself. My brothers are […]

10 Aug

5 Entrepreneurial Lessons I Learned Growing Up On A Farm

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” – Masanobu Fukuoka On  Dec 5th, 1980 I was born into this world on a farm via a mid-wife who was paid half a pig to nurse my mom through labor.  Today I run two successful […]

27 Feb

Did You Know Plane Bathrooms Have Baby Diaper Stations?

A-Ha Moments, Family 4 Comments by Tom Krieglstein

I love the process of entering into new life phases such as graduating college, getting engaged, starting a business, or raising money. Each phase, so far, has approached me a bit like a Doppler Effect. I hear the phase coming. It gets louder. It’s here! It fades away. It’s gone. A life phase that is […]

17 Jun

Bonding our Family Across the Atlantic – Happy Father’s Day

Family No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

My dad was born in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia (which at the time was under Germany rule) and lived in Germany through most of his college career before coming to the U.S. His ties back to our European roots are extremely strong. In fact, today he is flying to Europe for a four week trip visiting all […]

16 Jan

Mental Rock Jumping (Dealing with Uncertainty)

(This was written by request to be included in an upcoming friend’s book) During my childhood family vacations that took us far west away from the flat plains of Chicago, I used to love rock jumping with my brothers. We’d find a rock, put a leg back to wind up, jump, and land safely…most of […]

26 Dec

Top Ten Things That Make Me Happy

ACbert, Family, Self Insight No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Blogger James Altucher challenged his readers to create a list of the ten things that make you happy. Here’s my list… Spending time with my wife Spending time with my family Building things people value Building financial wealth Spending time with friends Reading (learning) Traveling for pleasure Being active (soccer, hiking, etc) Daydreaming Connecting with […]

12 Sep

Why I’ll Never Fully Understand 9/11 As Much As You

Relationships are built on the number of emotionally charged shared experiences between individuals. 9/11 was a huge emotionally charged shared experience for America. The experience started on 9/11/01 and lasted for weeks and months afterwards. It seemed like all of America opted to put down their differences and pause to love their neighbor. It was […]

02 Sep

Happy 27th Birthday Michael Krieglstein!

Family, Stories No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Since I was only three years old when my younger brother Michael was born, I can’t say I remember anything about his actual birth except for family photos like the one above. But the next 17 years of growing up together were filled with plenty of great stories, so I figured it would be fun […]

23 Jul

The Krieglstein Family Retreat 2011

Family, Images, Slideshow 2 Comments by Tom Krieglstein

About a year ago my brother’s wife, Suruchi, brought up the idea of doing a big surprise 40th birthday bash for him. At the time, the rest of the brothers were excited, but planning something a year out with my family is next to impossible. Fast forward a year later and over the past weekend, […]

22 Jul

“Yes and…” Practice

Creativity, Family No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

“Yes and..” is a foundational principal of improv. The idea being that no matter what the other person says, your number one responsibility is to keep the scene going by saying “yes and…” Improv skills like “Yes and…” come in handy in many situations outside of the theater world. The problem is, unless you are […]