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15 May

Feeling Anxiety Around Not Being Good Enough

Comedian Louis CK does this bit about how NYC does an amazing job of putting you in your place no matter how good things are. Here’s a segment from his show… “If you woke up that morning feeling particularly good looking, don’t worry because on your way to work, you’ll pass a pack of supermodels […]

13 Aug

5 Questions To Help You Discover & Stay In Your Zone of Genius

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Last night my EO Forum welcomed business coach, Lois Barth, to talk with us for about 90 minutes on our Zone of Genius (ZOG). The term was originally coined from Gay Hendricks in his book, The Big Leap. An individual’s ZOG is comprised of the activities in which she is uniquely qualified to do and […]

11 Mar

EO: President Elect Elect

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A friend of mine, Gary Tuerack, was the first person to tell me about the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) as a support group for people who have built businesses from the ground up. He didn’t just talk about it, he raved. So once my previous company, Red Rover, was qualified, I jumped in and joined EO. […]

28 Feb

Physical vs Digital Businesses

Today, one of my EO Forum mates toured a group of us around his newly purchased storage facility here in Atlanta. It was fun to see how excited he was to show us each floor of the place…even though every floor pretty much looked alike. It’s a storage space after all :). I don’t think […]

03 Dec

Saying Goodbye The Right Way

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Every month I get together with a group of small business owners and we support each other through our business and personal challenges. It’s coming up on my third year with the group and over the months a few members have come and gone, but there continues to remain a core group that keeps moving […]

17 Nov

Keynote Review – Ido Leffler of Yes to Carrots

Tonight Ido Leffler, the founder of the fashion product line “Yes to Carrots,” spoke to the NY Entrepreneurs’ Organization at the Trump SoHo ballroom. Here are my short-hand note take-aways from the talk… In sales, he’d inject an urgency into trying to get a meeting with someone. If he were coming to NYC for a week, he’d […]

31 Aug

Retention: Exclusivity or Inclusivity?

In a series of brainstorming conversations with a fellow NY EOer we attempted to outline ways to increase retention within the NY EO chapter. After several rounds, he and I seemed to not be looking at the situation the same way. To figure out where the disconnect was, I drew the outline below to demonstrate […]

10 May

Hindsight – 05/10/11 – Recapping #EOGLC

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The last two days I was in Chicago at the Entrepreneur’s Organization Global Leadership Conference (EOGLC). It’s a kickoff training and celebration for all the EO board members from around the world. The NY chapter brought 7 people. I’m a sub-member of the NY board and so at first wasn’t invited, but then a few […]

16 Nov

EO Recap: Teams and Tequila

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Tonight I attended an EO Huddle about creating great teams featuring uber successful entrepreneur Amilya Antonetti. Right out of the gates, Amilya’s strength and conviction around what she does and how she does it showed through. Below are some of the highlights I scribbled in my moleskine: Her green cleaning business arose from a personal […]