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22 Aug

When Picking A College – Look For Special Freshman Programs

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My work with Swift Kick gives me the joy of visiting tons of colleges every year. In 2016, we’ll work with 90 different schools. The majority of our trainings are done within the Student Affairs department (often called co-curricular as a balance to the curricular (academic) side of an institution). Through my travels, I get to […]

11 Feb

[Cross Post] 3 Reasons Why Student Affairs Departments Should Reach Out To The Community

A friend works at a public school here in NYC and asked me if I’d be willing to be a judge for their Science Fair, to which I happily said. “Yes!” As a judge, I graded the students on a series of skills regrading their presentation. I, like most of the judges, was an outsider […]

03 Feb

Interview with Columbia University’s EdLab

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Kate Meersschaert of Columbia University’s EdLab asked me to come in and talk about my experience as an entrepreneur in the education space. Before I share the actual interview, I want to give huge kudos to the whole EdLab crew and the space they have created. Take a look at the pictures below and you’ll […]

17 Jul

Bad Sign for Creating Change in Education

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We hosted our monthly NYedTech Meetup last night and had a great panel of experts. While three of the panelists were from the vender side of the conversation, the fourth panelist was an assistant principle for the NYC Department of Education and she emailed us this follow up: Trying to create change within an industry […]

23 Apr

Turnover in the Education Space

This past month I attended two APCA conferences in Atlanta, GA and Hershey, PA. Prior to last month, I hadn’t attended an APCA or NACA conference for three years. I felt like such an underdog because there were so many new faces and students who didn’t know me from jack. Three years ago, we left […]

18 Apr

The Four Things Schools Should do for Students

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Someone recently asked me what schools should do for students. I answered with these four goals: Discover – by exposing a student to a wide variety of ideas, opinions, and professions, the school should help the student discover what they are passionate about. In the discovery phase, the school also embeds a life long thrist […]

17 Apr

To School Or Not to School

A friend and I were discussing his option of getting a Masters degree or starting a business. Conceivably he could do both, but let’s go with the assumption that they will both require 100% of his focus, so he has to pick one. While discussing, I compared his Masters vs Entrepreneurship decision to that of […]

07 Sep

New Student Orientation: Dependence vs Independence

Luggage Porter by ColbyBluth The day before Hurricane Irene made landfall along the Eastern Seaboard, a friend asked my wife and I to help volunteer setting up an evacuation center in NYC. While helping out, I was trying to be as nice as possible to the people coming in seeking shelter. I’d stop my work […]

24 Aug

Education Reform: Feeling Like An Outsider

A couple weeks ago, I attended the inaugural #140edu conference in NYC which brought together several hundred educators for two days to talk about the future of education. Modeled after TED, each person was given roughly 10 minutes to talk about his/her topic. My topic was on leveraging social media to increase student engagement outside […]

17 Aug

Leveraging Social Media to Increase & Quantity Student Engagement – #140Edu Conference Keynote [VIDEO]