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24 Feb

[Cross Post] The Rule of Thirds and Your Professional Development

A-Ha Moments, Cross Post No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Think about your typical work week. Now think about the amount of time you spend in each of these three areas: – With students you’re mentoring – With supportive peers equal to you – With mentors 10-20 years ahead of you How balanced is your time between the three groups? If you are like me, […]

11 Feb

[Cross Post] 3 Reasons Why Student Affairs Departments Should Reach Out To The Community

A friend works at a public school here in NYC and asked me if I’d be willing to be a judge for their Science Fair, to which I happily said. “Yes!” As a judge, I graded the students on a series of skills regrading their presentation. I, like most of the judges, was an outsider […]

20 Dec

[Cross Post] Tranche Investing Will Kill Your Startup–Here’s Why

The week before the Fourth of July holidays, and after five months of negotiations, I received the final term sheet for a capital injection of $750,000 into my business. The money was to come from a great team of investors. It’s a moment I had dreamed of many times before. If I signed, I’d be […]

03 Oct

[Cross Post] Five Entrepreneurial Lessons I Learned Growing Up On A Farm

On December 5th, 1980, I was born on a farm with the help of a midwife who was paid half a pig to nurse my mom through labor. Today I run a successful business in the heart of New York City. For many years, I used to run away from my farm-life upbringing because I […]

27 Mar

[Cross Post] Chairs, Stairs, and Garbage Cans: Your Partners in Student Engagement

A while back I keynoted at the ACUI Region 6 conference in Florida. For those unfamiliar, ACUI stands for Association of College Unions International. ACUI people are in charge of the physical student union space on campus. This can mean anything from hosting student events, to furniture, to vacuum cleaners. At larger schools they often […]

13 Oct

CoolTool: Join.Me – Super Simple Screen Sharing

CoolTool, Cross Post No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

NAME: URL: WHAT IT DOES: Super simple, and free, screen sharing, screen controling, and virtual conference tool. MY TAKE: I don’t like having a lot of software on my computer. Several online screen sharing tools I get invited to, ask me to download something before I can use it.  While Join.Me does make […]

09 Oct

Dance Floor Theory In Living Color [IMAGE]

While at Fordham University doing a training for their Orientation Leaders, I noticed right from the beginning one student with his head down. He kept his head down the whole time and almost never made eye contact with me. I figured he was either studying, autistic, or just straight up didn’t care what I was […]

28 Sep

The Social Waltz

While hanging out in Central Park, I watched a large group of people picnicking in a grassy area nearby. Without attempting to stare too much, I’d glance back to the group every five minutes. Each time I looked back, everyone had switched places. It was one big social waltz where everyone mingled with everyone. Thinking […]

27 Sep


KLM leveraged Social Media to creatively engage their traveling customers with a pattern interrupt of happiness. Imagine if your campus had a Social Media Prize Patrol that would track students down via public tweets and deliver them a pattern interrupt of happiness. (video) To learn more about Blender Events, click here. To learn more about our Dance Floor […]

23 Sep

The Emerging Dilemma of Facebook URLs

While hanging out with friends, someone asked the group what our first online screen name was. We all shared and laughed as each one was more obnoxious than the previous. BigBlueEyez22 LookAtMe_LookAtMe Itz*MEEEEEEEEEE TheKooliest sportygirl9 footballdemon i<3puppies CrappyMcCrapper Luckily we’ve all grown up and realized that those names, while fun and cool when we were […]