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23 Apr

When I’m the best version of myself…

When I’m the best version of myself, I’m at peace with myself, my progress, and the world around me. With Myself – I love who I am and who I will be, and I’m at peace with who I was. I embrace my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses. I can be by myself, with only […]

05 Mar

Building a Community on Make Sure You Collect Emails

Community No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

You may or may not have noticed that was down for almost a week due to a Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. A DDoS attack floods a site with a massive amount of fake traffic that essentially overloads the servers to the point where no one can load a page. While it’s sad to […]

11 Feb

[Cross Post] 3 Reasons Why Student Affairs Departments Should Reach Out To The Community

A friend works at a public school here in NYC and asked me if I’d be willing to be a judge for their Science Fair, to which I happily said. “Yes!” As a judge, I graded the students on a series of skills regrading their presentation. I, like most of the judges, was an outsider […]

28 Aug

Hindsight – 08/28/11 – Friends Who Volunteer

This morning our friend Lauren texted us to see if we were up for helping set up a new Irene evacuation shelter they were opening near Union Sq. It makes sense that there would be need for a massive number of volunteers across the city, but neither Annie or I had heard anything about it […]

22 Jun

My Community Engagement Thesis [IMAGE]

Below is a picture of me walking two business owners through how to create, increase, and measure community engagement within their business. It’s a collumination of seven years of hands on work in the area and I have to say, it feels so damn good to have it connect together as well as it does. […]

19 May

Creative Ideas V.1

I use this blog to process my own thoughts, keep a record of my life for my future family, share my story with others, and archive interesting ideas/tools/websites/vides/etc I come across. With that, I’m starting a new segment called ‘Creative Ideas’ in which I’ll occasionally share creative ideas that stuck out to me.  1) Groupon […]

26 Apr

Your Strategic Network

Harvard Business Review writers Linda Hill & Kent Lineback recently wrote an article titled “The Three Networks You Need.” Here’s a quick overview of each network: Your Operational Network – People you lean on to complete your day-to-day work within your job role. Your Developmental Network – People you lean on for emotional support. Your […]

07 Mar

Weak Ties vs Strong Ties

James Fowler’s keynote address at the #ACUI11 conference last week stirred up quite a discussion after he made the claim that online relationships had little influence over behavior. As expected, our friends in the #SAchat community quickly expressed concern for the statement through the Twitter backchannel and afterwards in the hotel lobby as they’ve experienced […]

18 Feb

How to Ruin a Twitter Conversation (cc #nacachat)

Community, Twitter Only 5 Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Take a look at the two conversations below: What do you notice instantly? If your eyes are functioning properly you should notice that one is filled with a collection of different people and one is almost entirely filled by one person…or company in this case. My biggest fear in starting #SAchat is that companies would come in […]

18 Jan

Relationships Matter at Linkedin

LinkedIn’s Google tag line is “Relationships Matter.” They say they are about helping you strengthen the relationships within your existing network.  Today I received this email from LinkedIn: From an engagement perspective, three things jump out to me in this email… Relationship Strength – I’ve met everyone on the list IRL (in real life). This […]