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10 Nov

Love Still Trumps Hate – Post Election Reflection

My nephew is Indian/German/Irish. His skin tone and dark eyes reflect his Indian heritage more than his German/Irish side. He doesn’t get a choice in being a person of color as he makes his way through the world. A week prior to the US election, he came home from school (he’s 7 years old) and […]

11 Dec

Breaking My Silence on Ferguson and Eric Garner

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For two weeks the internet exploded with debates around Ferguson and Eric Garner. It was hard to even look at Facebook without someone raising hell on either side of the issue. And me? What did I do? I was silent for a long time until last night during an #SAChat, I was challenged to dig […]

28 Aug

Hindsight – 08/28/11 – Friends Who Volunteer

This morning our friend Lauren texted us to see if we were up for helping set up a new Irene evacuation shelter they were opening near Union Sq. It makes sense that there would be need for a massive number of volunteers across the city, but neither Annie or I had heard anything about it […]

10 May

Educate Yourself: World Lupus Day May 10th

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For most, today is Tuesday, May 10th. For 1.5 million Americans plus their family and friends, today is World Lupus Day. Lupus is often known as the silent killer because it is vastly under funded, reported, and treated. Lupus is a complicated autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks a person’s own cells and […]

29 Oct

Hindsight – 10/29/10 – DC Bound: Then vs Now

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Annie and I are traveling on a Megabus down to DC right now for the Rally To Restore Sanity and I can’t help but compare this bus ride to what it must have been like for my hippie parents during the 60s riding to DC to protest. Beyond the differences in circumstances and purpose of […]

27 Oct

There Are Two Types of Laws…[QUOTE]

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“There are two types of laws, those that are just and those that are unjust. A just law, is a man-made code that squares with the moral law. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law… Any law that uplifts the human personality is just. Any law that degrades human […]

10 Dec

Holding The Democrats Accountable

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Part of being politically active, is to be willing to stand up to my own party when they are wrong. I voted Democrat in the last election, and many others prior, and I'm annoyed they are trying to pass the blame for the health care not getting through, on the Republicans. My friend, Jamison Kingfield, […]