December 13, 2010

Fine Line Between Success and Denial [AUDIO]

Duke Fightmaster (husband and father of two) hated his job so in 2007 he quit and set out to replace Conan O’Brian by starting his own […]
December 12, 2010

Hindsight – 12/12/10 – Helping Move

Lots of people seem to duck and hide whenever a fellow friend has a house/apt move coming up and is seeking help. I go the opposite […]
December 11, 2010

Hindsight – 12/11/10 – Subway Singing

File this under “little things I do that no one knows about.” The approaching trains in the underground subways of NYC make an obscene amount of […]
December 4, 2010

Travelers vs Tourists [QUOTE]

“A traveler sees what he/she sees. A tourist sees what he/she has come to see.” – G.K Chesterton