May 27, 2011

Q&A: How To Network With Successful People Online

Q: What’s the best way to engage with successful and driven people online? – N. Beil via Facebook A: The internet opens up a lot of […]
May 26, 2011

Another Step in Unlearning What I Learned

In school, when a teacher assigns a student a project or assignment, there’s an assumption that the teach knows, or has access to, THE correct answer. […]
May 19, 2011

Creative Ideas V.1

I use this blog to process my own thoughts, keep a record of my life for my future family, share my story with others, and archive […]
May 10, 2011

Educate Yourself: World Lupus Day May 10th

For most, today is Tuesday, May 10th. For 1.5 million Americans plus their family and friends, today is World Lupus Day. Lupus is often known as […]