August 31, 2011

Retention: Exclusivity or Inclusivity?

In a series of brainstorming conversations with a fellow NY EOer we attempted to outline ways to increase retention within the NY EO chapter. After several […]
August 29, 2011

Speaking Tip/Trick #7 – The Motivation Test

Any decent speaker should be able to motivate a group of people during his/her program so they leave feeling excited and motivated. It’s a lot harder […]
August 28, 2011

Why Would I do Anything Else?

It’s the end of August and most schools are gearing up for students coming back to campus. That means it’s also my busiest travel season. As […]
August 28, 2011

Hindsight – 08/28/11 – Friends Who Volunteer

This morning our friend Lauren texted us to see if we were up for helping set up a new Irene evacuation shelter they were opening near […]