December 20, 2013

[Cross Post] Tranche Investing Will Kill Your Startup–Here’s Why

The week before the Fourth of July holidays, and after five months of negotiations, I received the final term sheet for a capital injection of $750,000 […]
November 27, 2013

For The Holidays, Be More Interested Than Interesting

As my family collectively gets older, it’s clear that some of our interests overlap, and other interests are an individual pursuit. While my four brothers all […]
November 21, 2013

The Powerful Little Voice Inside

I’m currently sitting in my hotel room in Tyler, TX where I’m running a 2-day staff/faculty training on communication and change for UT-Tyler. By all accounts, […]
November 6, 2013

The Story of Reddit – Making Your Luck Happen

Reddit is 86th most popular website on the internet with 85 MILLION unique visitors last month. In other words, Reddit is crazy big! Reddit was founded […]