June 29, 2010

55mins Later and 10lbs Lighter: The MTA Inferno

My normal commute to work is 15 minutes via the F-train uptown to Rockefeller Center. Today, an F-train broke down somewhere up-line causing a mass scramble […]
June 28, 2010

Digging This Song Right Now V.4 [VIDEO]

Granted the song was written specifically for Gatorade, and isn't commercially available, but it's still a darn cool song. Click here to see all the songs […]
June 27, 2010

Are NYC MetroCard Unlimited Passes Worth It?

Three happy years without a car has forced Annie and I to navigate via public transportation. In Chicago, we had the CTA system down, but as […]
June 26, 2010

MyView: Valencia Community College Leadership Training [IMAGE]