23 Jan

My Speeches Are Not All Equal


I wish I could say that every keynote and/or training I do is equally amazing. But the truth is, they just aren’t. In the past, I’ve talked about the five elements every speaker needs to pay attention to to insure they are setting their program up for success. As a quick recap, here are the […]

17 Jan

Selling Our Crowdfunding Platform – Student Launcher


The vision of Swift Kick is to see a world in which every student feels welcomed, connected and engaged at their institution and retention rates are 100%. In pursuit of that vision, we’ve tried many tactics: 1) Dance Floor Theory Leadership Training 2) www.StudentAffairsCollective.org (#SAChat) 3) www.StudentLeaderCollective.org (#SLChat) 4) www.StudentLauncher.org Some of these projects are immensely […]

12 Jan

I Drank Half A Cup Of Coffee Today

Fitness/Health, Traveling No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

To those that know me, drinking any caffeine is a big deal, and coffee is almost unheard of. But I swear it was my only option. Here’s what happened… The last night of our ski trip (Sunday night) was also the Golden Globes. Not a big deal as that happens every ski trip. Annie had […]

08 Jan

Appreciating My Older Brother Daniel Krieglstein

Family 1 Comment by Tom Krieglstein

In 2008, Annie and I were one of three engaged couples left, out of 50,000, on the NBC Today Show Race to the Altar with the hopes of winning a million dollar wedding. The day before our final day on the show, I was speaking in Springfield, IL at a school and due to bad […]

04 Jan

Appreciating My Older Brother Mark Krieglstein

Family, Uncategorized No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

We’d often invite the local Boy Scout troop, in which my family was heavily involved, to our farm for camp outs. As expected, we’d stage a huge bonfire to cook tin-foil dinners and s’mores. As the night sky got darker, my older brother, Mark, would take over and bring us on one of his epic […]

03 Jan

Appreciating My Older Brother Robin Krieglstein

Family, Stories No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

When I was eight years old, I remember sneaking into my older brother Robin’s room while he was practicing his speed reading skills on his bed. I’d pull up next to him with a book, meant for someone twice my age, and try my best at speed reading. The problem was I didn’t know 90% […]

11 Dec

Breaking My Silence on Ferguson and Eric Garner

Activism, Self Insight 2 Comments by Tom Krieglstein

For two weeks the internet exploded with debates around Ferguson and Eric Garner. It was hard to even look at Facebook without someone raising hell on either side of the issue. And me? What did I do? I was silent for a long time until last night during an #SAChat, I was challenged to dig […]

11 Dec

My Two Biggest Triggers for Anxiety


As of right now, our total confirmed revenue for Q1 of 2015 is already 30% higher than it was in 2014 and will probably go up to 50% in the next two weeks. Across the board, everything looks great as the Swift Kick team heads into 2015. But yet, deep inside of me, I still […]

05 Dec

34 Life Lessons I Learned For My 34th Birthday

A-Ha Moments, Self Insight No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

I love having a birthday in December because it’s my slowest time of year for travel, which gives me more time to think, strategize and write. I thought I’d start a new tradition this year of listing out the biggest life lessons I learned this year. Each lesson is pulled from either my public blog (all […]

02 Dec

Getting To Platinum Status on American Airlines

ACbert, Traveling No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Please file this post under #FirstWorldProblems. It’s the end of the year and I’m 3,522 miles (or two segments) short of Platinum status on American Airlines. There are lots of nice benefits for the next 12 months of travel that make it worth my effort to reach Platinum status before the deadline of Dec 31st. […]