24 Feb

[Cross Post] The Rule of Thirds and Your Professional Development

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Think about your typical work week. Now think about the amount of time you spend in each of these three areas: – With students you’re mentoring – With supportive peers equal to you – With mentors 10-20 years ahead of you How balanced is your time between the three groups? If you are like me, […]

23 Feb

Willpower and the Morning Phone Scan

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I have a morning routine that starts with me waking up about 30 minutes prior to the time I need to wake up for work. The routine goes like this: 5 minutes of yoga stretching. 5 sets of pushups. 5 minutes of guided meditation / affirmations. 5 minutes of Spanish practice. 10 minutes of reading. […]

21 Feb

Stop Striving for Work-Life Balance and Start Integrating

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At our office, I balance on a Reebok Balance Board while working at my standing desk. One reason for my unique work environment is that the research behind sitting for eight hours a day is dismal and can lead to early death, even if that person works out at some later point in the day. […]

06 Feb

Time off can be as Valuable as Time on

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This morning I hit a record level of pushups after about a week of plateauing. I did 108 pushups spread out over five sets totaling 10 minutes. Going into my pushup routine this morning, I didn’t think I was going to even reach half the goal because I had not done any pushups for the […]

06 Feb

Wipe-Out Almost Knocked Me Out

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After six rounds of messing up, I was ready to give up. I couldn’t get my legs to leap far enough from one platform to the other. I kept falling down into the mucky green water below as the blow horn of failure echoed through the sky. The crowd collectively cringed each time my face […]

05 Feb

An Interpretation of Tom Courtesy of Salt Lake Community College

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Thanks to Jasmin Prows for this little doodle :-).

05 Feb

Officially Submitting my Application for Mentorship

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A Twitter notification popped up on my screen with the hashtag #MyMentorIsBetterThanYours. Prior to the tweet, I spend 15 minutes on the phone with this person who vented about her issue with a class she was failing. It was easy to tell she was in a negative spiral of emotions about how this one failed class […]

03 Feb

Do You Play A Big Game Or Just Talk A Big Game?

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Our flight home to NYC was scheduled for 5:30am, but it was already past midnight and I was locked into an hour long Youtube video on personal development and business success. The video led to a course, which led to a membership form, which led to me signing up and running through the first lesson. […]

30 Jan

In Case You’ve Ever Wondered Why I Think The Way I Do…

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I give you exhibit A & B from my parent’s house

23 Jan

My Speeches Are Not All Equal


I wish I could say that every keynote and/or training I do is equally amazing. But the truth is, they just aren’t. In the past, I’ve talked about the five elements every speaker needs to pay attention to to insure they are setting their program up for success. As a quick recap, here are the […]