17 Oct

Speaking Tip #16 – The 4 Physical Barriers Every Speaker Should Break to Better Connect with Their Audience

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Like a 400 pound weight, it took two tech guys to lift the podium off the stage per my request. They assumed, as a speaker, I’d want some sort of podium to present from. My ideal set up couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are four physical barriers that every speaker should […]

14 Oct

Speaking Tip/Trick #15 – Be Willing to Change the Program Format to Fit The Size of the Group


We were expecting 50 but only six students showed up to my open campus leadership training at the school. We waited an extra 30 minutes to start and while a few people did trickle in and out, only the initial six remained. In the end we decided to give each of the six a free […]

13 Sep

Digging This Song Right Now V.24 – Hezekiah Walker – Every Praise

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When people ask me what my favorite band is, they seem to have a shocking surprise when I tell them I don’t have one. I’ve never been loyal to one band, but rather, I’m loyal to songs. I may like five songs off a band’s album, but the rest I don’t care for and I move […]

13 Sep

Things That Are Actually Cheaper in NYC

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From all my traveling around the US, here are the things I’ve found to actually be cheaper in NYC compared to other places. 1) Fresh Bagel – $.60 to $1 2) Pizza Slice – $1 3) Shoe Shine – $3 4) Dry Cleaning – $Varies 5) Taxi Ride – $Varies 6) Nail Treatments – $Varies […]

02 Sep

Appreciating My Younger Brother Michael Krieglstein

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guitar playing

Walking downstairs, I saw my brother, Michael, standing in his music studio with his guitar in hand and a video of Phish’s lead guitarist, Trey Anastasio, looping on a big screen in front of him. Before interrupting, I watched for a few moments in the background as Michael would review 20 seconds of video of Trey […]

27 Jul

Digging This Song Right Now V.23 – Beck – Country Down

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Click here to see all the songs I’ve dug at some point.

15 May

Feeling Anxiety Around Not Being Good Enough


Comedian Louis CK does this bit about how NYC does an amazing job of putting you in your place no matter how good things are. Here’s a segment from his show… “If you woke up that morning feeling particularly good looking, don’t worry because on your way to work, you’ll pass a pack of supermodels […]

09 Apr

The Beginner’s Mind


The student walked into his academic advisor’s office to talk about the upcoming year. With a high head and full ego about his life, the obviously confident student hardly stopped to breath while jumping from one topic to another. His advisor patiently listened while finding it harder and harder to processes everything her student was […]

28 Mar

Free Hugs‬ Moment #3 – Avis Car Rental and a Mustang

Free Hugs Button

Kevin, as his Avis name tag read, greeted me at the Akron, OH Airport Avis Car Rental counter at around 10pm. Kevin – “Welcome, what brings you into town?” Me – “I’m working with Baldwin Wallace University.” Kevin – “Oh nice. So what brings you into town?” Me – “Umm, working with Baldwin Wallace University, you just asked […]

26 Mar

Free Hugs‬ Moment #2 – Great American Bagel at CLT Airport

Free Hugs Button

I was waiting in line to get some food at the Great American Bagel shop in the Charlotte airport. Employee #1 – “Wait, you give out Free Hugs?” Me – “Yes, a lot actually. Want one?” Employee #2 – “I knew you’d see his button. ” Employee #1 walks out from behind the counter and […]