17 Mar

Four Day Parenting Adventure in Pittsburgh

A-Ha Moments, Family, Parenting No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

And thus our four day parenting adventure in Pittsburgh comes to an end. I just finished reading the two little ones to sleep and as I said my final goodnight, they both softly said they love me and said I was the best Uncle Mas (that’s what they call me) that they know. It was […]

12 Mar

4 Tricks This Clever Email Pitch Taught Me About Email Marketing

Creative Ideas, Marketing 1 Comment by Tom Krieglstein

My inbox is regularly filled with various pitches for support tools on anything from website hosting to branded toilet paper marketing. Most of the time I can tell within five seconds if something is spam and delete it. Marketers are always looking for innovative ways to get someone to not only not delete an email, […]

05 Mar

Building a Community on Meetup.com? Make Sure You Collect Emails

Community No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

You may or may not have noticed that Meetup.com was down for almost a week due to a Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. A DDoS attack floods a site with a massive amount of fake traffic that essentially overloads the servers to the point where no one can load a page. While it’s sad to […]

11 Feb

[Cross Post] 3 Reasons Why Student Affairs Departments Should Reach Out To The Community

A friend works at a public school here in NYC and asked me if I’d be willing to be a judge for their Science Fair, to which I happily said. “Yes!” As a judge, I graded the students on a series of skills regrading their presentation. I, like most of the judges, was an outsider […]

10 Feb

Processing Grief Part 2

Self Insight No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

As you may have read previously, our cat Oscar passed away leaving Annie and I grieving his loss. Though Oscar was “just” a pet cat, he was unique in the obsessive amount of love he showed towards us, thus his passing hit us hard. As time goes on, however, we are finding a new normal, […]

05 Feb

Processing Grief Isn’t Easy

Love, Self Insight No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Processing grief isn’t easy. There’s just no shortcut way around the feelings. Before time and mental processing allows me to move on, I wanted to capture how I’m feeling right now. Our cat, Oscar, passed away yesterday due to a cancerous tumor in his abdomen. Oscar was part of a defect batch of show cats […]

03 Feb

Interview with Columbia University’s EdLab

Education, In The News No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

Kate Meersschaert of Columbia University’s EdLab asked me to come in and talk about my experience as an entrepreneur in the education space. Before I share the actual interview, I want to give huge kudos to the whole EdLab crew and the space they have created. Take a look at the pictures below and you’ll […]

02 Feb

Being White During Black History Month

A-Ha Moments, Family 1 Comment by Tom Krieglstein

Last summer, we threw a huge retirement party for my mom. After 30 some years of teaching Social Work she was ready to slow down and smell the roses. As part of the celebration, we held an affirmation circle in the back yard where everyone circled up and she sat blind-folded while being showered with […]

30 Jan

I love our cat Oscar but…

Family, Love No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

(my favorite picture of Oscar – also my phone wallpaper) Oscar is our super adorable long haired seal point Himalayan cat that we’ve had for the past 10 years. He was part of a defect batch from a breeder and wasn’t considered valuable. To us he’s invalueable. Unlike our other tabby cat, Oscar just needs […]

20 Dec

[Cross Post] Tranche Investing Will Kill Your Startup–Here’s Why

The week before the Fourth of July holidays, and after five months of negotiations, I received the final term sheet for a capital injection of $750,000 into my business. The money was to come from a great team of investors. It’s a moment I had dreamed of many times before. If I signed, I’d be […]