28 Mar

Free Hugs‬ Moment #3 – Avis Car Rental and a Mustang

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Kevin, as his Avis name tag read, greeted me at the Akron, OH Airport Avis Car Rental counter at around 10pm. Kevin – “Welcome, what brings you into town?” Me – “I’m working with Baldwin Wallace University.” Kevin – “Oh nice. So what brings you into town?” Me – “Umm, working with Baldwin Wallace University, you just asked […]

26 Mar

Free Hugs‬ Moment #2 – Great American Bagel at CLT Airport

Free Hugs Button

I was waiting in line to get some food at the Great American Bagel shop in the Charlotte airport. Employee #1 – “Wait, you give out Free Hugs?” Me – “Yes, a lot actually. Want one?” Employee #2 – “I knew you’d see his button. ” Employee #1 walks out from behind the counter and […]

22 Mar

Free Hugs Moment #1 – Men and Emotional Intelligence

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While waiting at the DC airport for a layover, three ladies (mom and two daughters) sat next to me and began talking about the relationship of one of the daughters. Daughter #1: “I don’t know about DJ ’cause he’s not very nice. He says I’m too emotional. I think it’s good that I’m emotional, it […]

13 Mar

Question: Is it better to do or plan?


Question Asked To Me: So when you think of new ventures…do you vision out like a year, 5 years, etc? My Answer: It depends. Sorry, I know that’s not what you were looking for, but really it depends and there are two schools of thought on this. One is to jump right in and start […]

24 Feb

[Cross Post] The Rule of Thirds and Your Professional Development

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Think about your typical work week. Now think about the amount of time you spend in each of these three areas: – With students you’re mentoring – With supportive peers equal to you – With mentors 10-20 years ahead of you How balanced is your time between the three groups? If you are like me, […]

23 Feb

Willpower and the Morning Phone Scan

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I have a morning routine that starts with me waking up about 30 minutes prior to the time I need to wake up for work. The routine goes like this: 5 minutes of yoga stretching. 5 sets of pushups. 5 minutes of guided meditation / affirmations. 5 minutes of Spanish practice. 10 minutes of reading. […]

21 Feb

Stop Striving for Work-Life Balance and Start Integrating

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At our office, I balance on a Reebok Balance Board while working at my standing desk. One reason for my unique work environment is that the research behind sitting for eight hours a day is dismal and can lead to early death, even if that person works out at some later point in the day. […]

06 Feb

Time off can be as Valuable as Time on

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This morning I hit a record level of pushups after about a week of plateauing. I did 108 pushups spread out over five sets totaling 10 minutes. Going into my pushup routine this morning, I didn’t think I was going to even reach half the goal because I had not done any pushups for the […]

06 Feb

Wipe-Out Almost Knocked Me Out

Dreams No Comments by Tom Krieglstein

After six rounds of messing up, I was ready to give up. I couldn’t get my legs to leap far enough from one platform to the other. I kept falling down into the mucky green water below as the blow horn of failure echoed through the sky. The crowd collectively cringed each time my face […]

05 Feb

An Interpretation of Tom Courtesy of Salt Lake Community College

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Thanks to Jasmin Prows for this little doodle :-).